Easy and Cheap Blockchain Integration on Your Business with UniBright

UniBright adalah sebuah platform layanan integrasi teknologi blockchain pada sistem bisnis yang sudah berjalan.
Bitcoin has been present for nearly 10 years with the technology of blockchain. Lots of developers look at this technology and discover some advantages and advantages. Blockchain technology developers are so scarce, so developers have to pay a higher cost when they want to implement blockchain technology. In addition, developers can not get a service that matches their expectations. This is what causes the blockchain industry is difficult to develop and the developers are also hampered to complete their best project. There needs to be a special step to solve this kind of problem.

Introducing UniBright

UniBright is a platform for integration of blockchain technology on existing business systems. The UniBright team has over 20 years of experience in technology integration in business systems. In today’s digital era, a lot of developers who want integration of blockchain technology with ease and comfort. UniBright will be the solution for developers of a project or business system owner to implement or integrate blockchian technology on his system.
Users only need to choose an available template on UniBright platform that is suitable for the business they are running, then from the template, the user can do a little custom to make the setting feel right. Furthermore UniBright will generate automatically over the blockchain model you want to create including Smart Contract, Smart Adapters, Smart Queries. This convenience will motivate all developers to have hope in implementing blockchain technology and develop their own business.
Before going into another explanation, I would like to briefly explain the blockchain technology because the main product of UniBright is not far from Blockchain. Blockchian technology is a technology brought by bitcoin in 2009. Blockchain can be described as a distributed ledger, where everyone can access data stored in the blockchain. This nature causes, the technoogi blockchain becomes very transparent. In addition to transparent, the data stored in the blockchain will be immutable. Everyone can not change the data in the blockchain by hiding. This will certainly make the business systems that implement blockchain technology will be more secure. Usually, Smart Contract is the most popular service. Currently, the most popular Smart Contract service is Smart Contract from Ethereum blockchain.

In my opinion, UniBright is the best business that has a pretty high success rate. Combining two straight business models of Business Integration and Blockchain Technology, it is very convincing that UniBright will shine in the future, as the name implies. My objective is very objective in reference to the current state of the digital world as well as the needs of future solutions.

The solution from UniBright

UniBright is here to deal with any problems or challenges that developers are facing. Here is the solution UniBright will provide

The UniBright Visual Workflow Designer

To complete a blockchain-based project, a developer has to spend a lot of money to hire a master blockchain expert in coding. The scarcity of people who are good at typing the code on blockchain, making its price very expensive.
UniBright provides the best solution to overcome all that. A developer can create the blockchain he or she wants visually. Even everyone who does not have the expertise in blockchain can create powerful blockchain for their own business systems without the need for expensive experts.

The UniBright Contract Lifecycle Manager

A developer who has difficulty in developing a blockchain that suits his / her desire, can now enjoy the superior features of UniBright. The visual blockchain design will certainly allow its users to specify customizations as they wish. All developers will get the blockchain model as they wish.

The UniBright Explorer

You can track or monitor directly on all ongoing business processes connected to Smart Contracts on related systems. All off chain and on chain data will be displayed on a dashboard that is easy for a novice to understand even with the help of Smart Queries.

The UniBright Connector

With UniBright Connector, one will be able to connect with existing IT landscape with different blockchain and different Smart Contract. All this can happen with the help of Smart Adapters.

UBT Token and UniBright TGE Information

UBT Tokena is the internal currency that will be used as a means of payment in transactions on the UniBright platform. UBT Token is issued directly by developers from UniBright project by holding TGE event.
TGE (Token Generation Event) is a fundraising event conducted by the UniBright platform for the purpose of seeking support as well as seeking capital from investors and community cryptocurrency. If you want to have UBT Token, you can buy it through TGE
TGE information that you can note is as follows
  • Token Symbol : UBT
  • Token Type : ERC20
  • Platform : Ethereum Blockchain
  • Total Supply : 150,000,000 UBT
  • TGE Start : 10 April 2018
  • Token available for TGE : 100,500,000 UBT
  • Unsold Token : Will be burned
  • Minimum Cap : 2,200,000 USD
  • Maximum Cap : 13,542,375 USD
  • Token Price : 1 UBT = 0.14 USD
  • Accepting : ETH , BTC, or other currencies Shapesift.io
  • Contribution page : https://unibright.io/token.html
Keep in mind, this is not an investment advice.

The team behind UniBright

UniBright adalah sebuah platform layanan integrasi teknologi blockchain pada sistem bisnis yang sudah berjalan.


UniBright adalah sebuah platform layanan integrasi teknologi blockchain pada sistem bisnis yang sudah berjalan.


UniBright adalah sebuah platform layanan integrasi teknologi blockchain pada sistem bisnis yang sudah berjalan.

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