ADAB Solutions: World Muslim Bridge with halal Cryptocurrency

By | August 28, 2018

ADAB is a platform that is developing a FICE (First Islamic Cryptocurrency Exchange) project in which all exchange systems will be based on sharia-compliant norms.
There are so many cryptocurrency exchangers in the world, but none of them focus on Islamic based exchangers. Even though we know that the Islamic population in the world reaches 1.8 billion, while the total assets owned by Muslims worldwide are around 3.8 trillion USD. In addition, the economic growth of Muslims, is also increasing for each year. This is a great opportunity which until now there is no platform that manages all Muslims in the world. In addition, it is also necessary to have a solid team coordination in dealing with financial problems experienced by all Islamic groups in the world.

Introducing: ADAB Solutions

ADAB is a platform that is developing a FICE (First Islamic Cryptocurrency Exchange) project in which all exchange systems will be based on sharia-compliant norms. With ADAB Solutions, it is expected that all Muslims can still transact with a modern financial base, but do not leave the existing sharia principles. So that every transaction that occurs by 22% of the total humanity throughout the world will occur halally. Because, halal is a major requirement that must be fulfilled by Muslims in getting money.
The majority of existing cryptocurrency exchangers always cheat in gaining profits. For example YoBit, in Islam, dice games are a way that sagat is prohibited, because it is very contrary to the Qur’an. In addition, there are also many exchangers that offer lending facilities, which are lending as a RIBA practice house. RIBA is an activity where someone who borrows money or assets must return in a larger amount. And things like that are actually prohibited in Islam. Maybe this is what prevents Muslims from developing. Then we need a platform that helps all Muslims throughout the world, who can provide services that still adhere to the rules of Islamic rule.
FICE will avoid all speculative transactions, and margin trading. Because the law in Islam, forbids Muslims to transact in Ghahar and Riba. But even so, FICE is still able to process transactions quickly, even faster than all existing exchangers. 3 million transactions in seconds will make FICE a favorite crypto exchange for all Muslims and non-Muslims to transact halal.
The existence of ADAB Solution is like a bridge between Muslim investors and projects that require funds. That way, everyone can now do business in sharia and mutually beneficial. ADAB Solutions also implements a high-level security system with a unique feature key, which is very important to keep money from all users. ADAB is a way of life in Islam. You can visit the demo website on September 1, 2018 at

People Behind ADAB Solutions

People behind the ADAB Solutions project are teams and developers that are very influential on the development of the platform. All decisions are in the hands of the team and the developer determines the direction in which the platform will go. But I think the team and developers from ADAB Solutions need not doubt. ADAB is designed by an expert on an international scale who has 18 years of experience in finance and brokerage. They have all experienced Islamic finance for 16 years and have been analyzing cryptocurrency 2 years ago. I think this is all enough to be used as initial capital to form a good platform. Great opportunities due to the absence of competitors, will certainly make the platform’s journey easier.

Core Team

  • CEO & Founder : Timur Turzhan
  • COO & Founder : Rustam Turzhan CO
  • Deputy, CEO of Islamic Finance : Maxat Salpyn
  • CMO : Aleksandr Mamasidik
  • CTO : Asset Barakbayev


  • Sulaiman Al-Fahim (Advisor on Investment and Strategic Development)
  • Ali Al Khamis (Busines Development Advisor)
  • Md Mofassair Hossain (Advisor Marketing and PR)
  • Gaurav Areng Chakraverti ( Marketing and ICO Advisor)

Informasi ADAB Token Sale

ADAB is an official token from the ADAB Solutions Platform, where for people who have ADAB Tokens, they will be able to enjoy the services available on the ADAB platform at low prices. With a limited total supply, which is only 480,000,000 ADAB. While those sold during the September 6 2018 – November 30 2018 token sale event are 72%, or around 345,600,000 ADAB only. For normal prices when the ICO is 0.1 USD / 1 ADAB Token. You can contribute using ETH or BTC with a nominal value of 100 USD. Softcap, or the minimum limit for the ADAB Solutions platform to stand at 2,500,000 USD, while the hardcap, or the maximum yield that can be achieved is 18,700,000 USD. But unfortunately, residents of the United States cannot contribute to the ICO held by ADAB Solutions.
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