Akshara Singh Viral Video Leaked

Akshara Singh Viral Video Leaked

Is That Really Akshara Singh ?

According to information circulating on the internet is in the form of video footage between men and women were on the bed doing adult scenes.

Reportedly, the cast of the viral video resembles a woman named Akshara Singh. Hearing the news, Akshara Singh’s fans were immediately shocked.

Some Akshara Singh fans confirmed that the video that went viral on social media was not his idol artist. Akshara Singh’s fans still can’t believe the video.

All people who know the artist Akshara Singh said that the video must have been manipulated with the aim of dropping the idol’s name.

Amid this Hot News, a video of actress Akshara Singh crying has appeared on YouTube. Sharing this video that Akshara was crying upset after the existence of the leaked video.

However, among all these videos, the truth is something else. In fact, for several days, fake news was spreading to drop the name of the actress.

In reality, no MMS video of Akshara Singh was leaked. But on YouTube, Bhojpuri’s Moz Music channel shared a video of the actress on September 13, 2022.

The Youtube channel captioned it “Akshara Singh’S MMS Video goes Viral.” In the viral video, Akshara Singh says:

“Brace yourself. Those who love me will always like me. Of course I can go anywhere and work anywhere.

You can’t stop me you are a big name so do your job. Why are you hanging around with a fake mask on your face? Be real, not fake. Why all this only happens in Bhojpuri industry. There are other industries as well.”

He added: “There are many types of cinema from Punjabi, Southern to Bollywood. But why does this muck only exist in Bhojpuri industry? Why are there so many bargains here?

Everyone is chasing each other. Block, block. The song doesn’t have to go forward. No other actor could go far ahead. What is all this anyway?”

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