ARAW Tokens: New Parts for Online Shoppers in this Blockchian Era

The high market online shop, makes a lot of people start developing their online business. When shopping online, potential buyers can get the same product offerings at prices that compete with each other just by using their smart phones. Different when we have to find items in the market by comparing prices, then what we get is tired because we have to go to the store one by one. This is one of the conveniences of an online shop. But the problem so far is that the security of transactions that occur by online business is often unpleasant. What we need is a method of payment that is fair and safe for all business people.

ARAW Tokens: Solutions for All Actors of Online Shoppers & Coffee Purchases at the Store

ARAW Tokens have been around since 2016, but they have not integrated blockchain technology. With complex services, ARAW Tokens really need blockchain technology as well as to provide understanding to the wider community about blockchain technology. Some unique features and services available on the ARAW platform are as follows:
  • Ecommerce Marketplace: a place to sell and buy goods, more precisely a container to bring together sellers and buyers and payments with ARAW Tokens.
  • ARAW Card & Touch Pay: a service that can be used to pay for your groceries or your food bill in a restaurant through the cashier easily.
  • ARAW Mobile Wallet: a wallet that you can use to store and spend ARAW tokens safely.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: internal service for ARAW Tokens holders for those who want to exchange their ARAW Tokens with FIAT.
  • Araw Pay Online Payments: a service to make bills and payments online easily, safely, quickly and of course low cost.

The service is a service that I consider the most unique and has the potential to attract the attention of the cryptocurrency community in online shopping. This means that when we can sell goods through the marketplace from ARAW Tokens we can immediately sell the ARAW Token to the Exchange Cryptocurrency that is available.
The existence of ARAW Tokens seems to be introducing blockchain technology to everyone who uses their services for transaction purposes. At the moment there are only a few people who know the strength of this blockchain technology, with very powerful technology we can make transactions safely, cheaply, quickly and low cost. ARAW Tokens like that will be a platform that is needed by all online shop sellers and buyers. The main purpose of ARAW Tokens is to build a decentralized payment ecosystem for e-commerce in introducing blockchain technology to people around the world and also ARAW Tokens will be part of all people who shop at online stores. They can shop and sell items easily and safely without having to learn complicated blockchain technology.

ARAW Token Competitors

The strong reason for ARAW Token to be the main choice is because this platform has been established since 2016, and has a live product. That means that in the ICO event held by ARAW Tokens, the funds raised will be used for the purposes of platform growth and also the implementation of blockchain technology. In addition, the experience of the team and developers that form the ARAW Token platform can be trusted, because actually the mobile application and marketplace have been available since 2017 yesterday. That means, ARAW is a pioneer of e-commerce cryptocurrency and payments system.
Compared to INS Ecosystem, which is a project that held ICO last year and won hardcap, INS Ecosystem does not have a live product. So that investor confidence has not been fully developed, and of course it will affect the liquidity of INS coins which are also ERC-20-based tokens, just like ARAW Tokens.

ARAW Token Sale Event

Token Sale is a new token sales event with the aim of raising funds with the intention of developing a related project. Tokens that are sold later will have a function as a payment tool for services available from the ARAW platform as I explained above. Please note, that ARAW Tokens are ERC-20-based tokens from the Ethereum platform.

The symbol used by ARAW Token is ARAW. There is a total supply of 5,000,000,000 ARAW to be made, and 70% of the total or equivalent to 3,500,000,000 ARAW will be sold at a price of 0.01 USD per token. Softcap has been reached, namely 2,000,000 USD and the hardcap or maximum yield that can be achieved is 25,000,000 USD. There are also time-based bonuses, which for now on October 15 2018 the available bonus is 20%. 25 days left for those of you who want to buy ARAW Tokens through their official website at So far, around 970,000,000 ARAW Tokens have been sold. If you really want to be an investor for the ARAW Token project, I suggest as soon as possible to buy ARAW.

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