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The growth of cryptocurrency increasingly craze and record a new record in Q4 of 2017. Bitcoin recorded price once touched the number 18k USD. The highest point in the history of bitcoin existence. Investor confidence in blockchain technology and decentralized systems is getting stronger with investor support to follow ICO programs held by Start Up or possibly a project developer. The world of cryptocurrency is like it is burning at its peak. Millions of transactions every day happen. But there are some problems that hamper the activity of buying and selling cryptocurrency, such as high fees, incomplete pair to FIAT, and support team from a very slow market in handling the user.

Introducing: Beaxy

Beaxy is an exchanger that provides solutions for the cryptocurrency community to be able to perform the sale and purchase activities conveniently. Beaxy will present bring some revolution of user experience when they exchange cryptocurrency with FIAT. Beaxy will support a more complete FIAT currency as well as a more complete cryptocurrency exchange and other advantages. Needless to say, the current cryptocurrency bursa needs to be revolutionized and the answer is Beaxy. Beaxy will be able to support a very high market movement in order to enjoy safe and pleasant cryptocurrency exchange service. Beaxy will be able to process millions of transactions in seconds, that means, a transaction will be completed in a matter of 0.0001  ms.
Beaxy will be the only all in one platform (AIO) that supports the exchange of cryptocurrency with the currency of all FIAT currencies. The user interface in suguhkan will be guided by the existing logo, which is rocket and transparent, which means the user will get a responsive face and fast and transparent. This will be the solution for those who want to do FIAT deposit which in some exchanger often experience pending problem until waiting time to days so the deposit is true in declaring success. Beaxy will no longer make the user’s concerns great, because once they make a FIAT deposit, then within seconds, FIAT will successfully enter the wallet deposit and be ready to spend with cryptocurrency.
Beaxy is formed with the aim of being an easy-to-use AIO cryptocurrency exchange. Beaxy wants to facilitate all walks of life, when he wants to know the world of cryptocurrency deeper. Beaxy will make it easier for them to buy cryptocurrency with FIAT. With features of modern features, Beaxy deserves the title of smart platform for cryptocurrency investors. Accompanied by a high level security system, Beaxy will dispel the public’s doubt about the assets of Beaxy.

Key Features of Beaxy

Beaxy revolutionized most of the features that exist in the traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, some of its key features are :

Loyalty Program

One can get a share of the exchange fee of cryptocurrency that occurs on the Beaxy platform by storing BXY coins on the Beaxy platform. As much as 20% of the exchange fee will be allocated for the token holder and this prize will never suffer a decline in the amount forever.

Coin Staking

Someone with BXY tokens, will get more benefits, He will get a discount when doing a cryptocurrency exchange, System tier, will allow staking BXY there will be different levels different. The highest tier, will have the possibility

24/7 Support

Beaxy’s superiority to other cryptocurrency exchanges is the availability of support teams within 24 hours online. Support team comes from several languages, so it can be easier in helping the users. Someone can directly chat, on the Live Chat feature available.

Refferal Program

Earn 10% of transaction fees made by your friends you refer to using Beaxy as their favorite cryptocurrency stock. Your friend will get a 20% transaction fee discount for the first two months.

FIAT Deposit

Ease of deposit using FIAT currency. All verified users can deposit various FIAT currencies quickly. Supports transactions using Wire transfer and ACH.


IP Address will be saved and made whitelist. Everyone who will try to login with a different IP Address, he will not be able to enter, so hackers will not be able to enter and will not be able to control user accounts.


With modern technology, Beaxy will be able to accommodate and process exchange transactions on the exchanger in just seconds. Databases from Beaxy work on low latency, will be supporters to make users more comfortable.

Mobile App

Beaxy will be easily accessible to anyone anywhere through their Smart Phone (iOS and Android). Users can also enjoy features such as price alarms, orderbook notifications and more.

ICO Launch Platform

Beaxy makes it easy for developers who want to hold ICO. They do not have to pay for the cost of handling KYC participants. In addition, developers will also be easily in the token listing on the exchanger.

Beaxy Comparison with other Exchangers

Beaxy is really serious in revolutionizing the existence of a traditional exchanger. Focus on excellent features and services and provide solutions for users who feel barriers to sharing cryptocurrency.

BXY Token and Token Sale Information

BXY Token is a native token of the Beaxy platform which can be used to enjoy discount services provided by the Beaxy platform only by storing BXY tokens on the platform. Loyalty program, will be provided for users who have BXY token balances on the platform. In addition, payment using BXY tokens, will get 50% off. The holders of tokens, also have the right to vote on the tokens to be in the listing.
Token Sale is a fundraising event by selling new tokens in order to find capital to build or develop a project. Beaxy held a token sale to raise funds by selling BXY Tokens to investors who wanted to support the Beaxy platform. Here is some information that you can note, if you want to contribute in Beaxy Token Sale is
  • Token Symbol : BXY
  • Token Type : ERC20
  • Total Supply : 100,000,000 BXY
  • Token for Sale : 60,000,000 BXY
  • Softcap : 5,000,000 USD
  • Hardcap : 30,000,000 USD
  • Payment Methode : Ethereum
  • Presale : June 1, 2018
  • Main Sale : June 15, 2018
  • Contribution Page :


Beaxy will be a platform for exchange exchanges where all users will get the latest experience and features of the best features ever. Beaxy will be the best solution for crypto community. Everyone can enjoy the services provided by Beaxy platform using BXY Token.
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