Black Hole APK: Play and listen to your favorite music

By | January 10, 2023

Black Hole apk: play and listen to your favorite music – Listening to music is a routine that can be done anywhere and anytime while there is time. Whether at work, resting or just filling free time by listening to your favorite songs.

Music and songs that are heard can actually affect our bodies, both mentally and physically which bring many health benefits.

The benefits received are when listening to a song or music that has a certain genre. For example, when we are sad, we can listen to upbeat songs so that the atmosphere is more fluid and doesn’t dissolve in sadness.

This is based on research by experts who say that listening to music significantly reduces anxiety, blood pressure and pain, improves sleep quality, improves mood, and stimulates mental alertness and memory.

In addition, listening to music can also stimulate the brain and make the listener smarter. Not only that, music can also relieve stress. This is because listening to music will reduce the release of the hormone cortisol or the stress hormone in the body.

Know About Black Hole APK

There are many ways to listen to music, for example in ancient times listening to music required a phonotograph (phonautograph). The phonograph was the first musical instrument to play music by transcribing sound waves into undulations or deviations in traced lines on paper or glass that turned black with smoke.

As time went on and technology began to advance, the phonograph was replaced by a new tool called the gramophone. The media of the gramophone is in the form of discs as the recording medium.

Time went on and technology developed, until the emergence of a new era of music players in the form of CD Players, Discman, Walkman, MP3 Players, Smartphones and also digital streaming services for listening to music.

Well, one of these media which is currently growing with a wide selection of features and benefits, namely an application or digital streaming platform, one of which is called Black Hole APK.

Black Hole is an online music player application that you can use for free. Not only playing and listening to music, you can also download or export your playlists like Spotify and Resso.

Black Hole offers thousands of songs from many artists in this world. With an attractive and neat appearance, of course it will add to the atmosphere for users more comfortable. What’s more, all of these things were developed from Google’s SDK for making applications and also Flutter.

This application is almost the same as Resso mod apk latest version but in different versions and also with different developers and different features. Now you can use these features to make the atmosphere of listening to your music more interesting.

Fitur Black Hole APK

This application is preferred by residents of Asia, one of which is India. So do not be surprised if the selection of songs and artists is more in the Indian or Asian category.

Now, after discussing at length about this application, let’s move on to the features provided by this Black Hole application. How can people like and choose the application as a platform for streaming music. Following are the superior features of the Black Hole APK application.

  1. Can listen to music and download songs offline.
  2. High sound quality with a frequency of more than 320kbps.
  3. Lots of trendy songs to choose from.
  4. Exportable Spotify playlists.
  5. Can add songs to the favorite list.
  6. There is a lyric viewer feature available.
  7. Interface with two different themes.
  8. Free.
  9. No ads.

Link Download Black Hole APK V1.15.3

After knowing everything about this application, of course you have been waiting for this session, which is a download link that is provided free of charge.

But you need to know the details about this Black Hole application first, whether it is suitable for your device or not. So below, Iconews has prepared a table regarding the details of the Black Hole application which might be your consideration before downloading.

NameBlack Hole APK
Size26.7 MB
Latest Update28 December 2022
Main LanguageEnglish
Other LanguageSpanyol, Jerman, Prancis, Italia, Portugis, Rusia, Jepang
Tabel of detail Black Hole APK

After understanding everything regarding the details above, you can download this booming application using the link that Iconews will share below from=details or CLICK HERE.

How to Download and Install Black Hole V1.15.3 APK

To download this application, it will actually be automatically installed on your device if you download it through the Play Store. However, because the link provided above is through a browser, you have to install it manually. The steps can be followed below.

  1. Open your default cellphone browser, then click the URL column and enter the link provided above.
  2. If the page is already open, click download. Wait until the process is complete.
  3. After that, click on the file that was downloaded earlier, or you can also open the file manager and look for the file where the file is stored.
  4. After finding it, then click install. Usually the system will take you to the application permissions menu.
  5. Enable “Unknown sources” then click install/install.
  6. Wait for the installation process to finish.
  7. After that click open.
  8. Finished.

The final word

This is the information that Iconnews can convey about the Black Hole application. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who are in need of it, thank you for visiting.


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