Chat, Buy and Sell Books Online Directly To The Author with Gilgamesh

Chat, sell and buy books online directly to the author.

Trend reading is still very good in the community, even it can be said readers and writers will never be consumed by time and technology. Some of the most common obstacles are the presence of third parties between writers and readers who seek profit, thus causing the development and income of the author is not maximal. This also affects the relationship between readers and writers becomes more limited. People are eager to chat, sell and buy books online directly to the author, to make the connection between readers and writers as close as possible. Because a book is a notes containing the heart of the author to pour out all the feelings that he buried.

Introducing Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is a platform enabling writers to share their knowledge through Smart Contract technology from Ethereum, IPFS and blockchain. With the implementation of this Internet technology, then Gilgamesh will create a relationship between author and reader safely and fairly. The main ecosystems in Gilgamesh are the priorities of writers and readers, so that they will be given the best services including, criticism and suggestions, comments, mutual advices even someone with useful contributions will get the GIL Token.
The role of publisher (third party) is actually only a little help, but very much harm. Each writer has to bear a huge burden of cost, thereby reducing profits for the author. Then readers are also harmed with the price of the book is very expensive. With the Gilgamesh, this third-party business will be eliminated, and the author will be directly connected to the reader. Any criticism, suggestions and comments will be taken into consideration by the author and reader in order to improve the work of each.

Gilgamesh and Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a new technology that can be used as a solution to the lack of trust between one person and another. Blockchain can make all the associated ecosystems on the Gilgamesh platform more transparent. The special character of blockchain is, this technology is able to record and store data in a distributed ledger. Blockchain is publicly accessible and the data contained in the blockchain can not be changed. This is what is really transparent to a system or business.
Blockchain can also replace the role of publishers who always take advantage. Publisher is very detrimental to the author because who holds the market is a publisher, and the contents of a book are usually changed at will. Thus, the authenticity of the book is highly questionable.
The combination of IPFS and Blockchain will allow us to store large amounts of data, and technology from blockchain, making all data immutable.

How to access Gilgamesh?

Mass adoption of mobile devices, a challenge for teams and developers to meet the needs of the community. The team and developers will release the Gilgamesh App for IOS version. An official app that will be used for marketing weapons and also forming a great community. Users make it possible to purchase books, e-books or audio books using GIL Tokens. When the initial release, there will be affiliate events that can be utilized by users to earn additional income. Blockchain will eliminate the sensor, so all transactions will be completely transparent and accessible to the public.
Teams and developers will develop android-based apps, when IOS-based app launches have been implemented. Android users are the best market for the Gilgamesh platform, because users are very much primarily in Asia.

Gilgamesh monetization strategy

Gilgamesh, will earn a salary from three sources, namely:
  • advertisements by authors or service providers,
  • a service fee for services garnered between author and self-publishing service providers,
  • and commission from books, eBooks, and audiobooks purchases readers make on the platform.

GIL Token & ICO

GIL Token is an official token of the Gilgamesh Platform that can be used as a means of payment in the purchase of books, ebooks or audiobooks. GIL Tokens are an asset to be owned by authors, readers, service providers and critics. GIL Token is a token based on Ethereum ERC20 produced from Smart Contract Ethereum. The total supply of GIL Tokens is very limited, and there will be no token creation after the ICO period.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or also called Token Sale, which is an invitation to the public, especially cryptocurrency community to buy new tokens that have special utility. Gilgamesh offers GIL Tokens to the public as a fund-raising medium to raise capital. This capital, will be used to build the Gilgamesh project. ICO can also be used as a means to provide support for the project Gilgamesh.
For supporters or investors who want to support Project Gilgamesh, here’s the ICO information you can take note of

  • Total Token for Sale: 60,000,000 GIL
  • Start block:4913635
  • End block:5306365
  • Estimated start date:Jan 15, 2018 – 10:15 AM PST
  • Estimated end date:Mar 26, 2018 – 11:16 AM PDT
  • Duration:70 Days – 10 Weeks
  • Token exchange rate:1 ETH = 1200 GIL tokens
  • Hard cap:50,000 ETH
  • Total tokens for sale:60 Million GIL Tokens
  • Minimum transaction amount:0.1 ETH
  • Accepted currencies:Only ETH
  • Halaman kontribusi :
  • Bonus :


In the world of business and art, one can not seize the intellectual property possessed by others. The publisher’s role severely inhibits the authors from being able to work better. Authors and readers who are affected by the arrogant publishing nature of doing business, make all ecosystems disadvantaged. The absence of transparency, making all ecosystems can not trust other members, because there must be hidden. 
Gilgamesh will be the platform that solves the issue of this publisher. With the formation of Gilgamesh platform, certainly the author and reader will be more liberal in men explore the value of life value better without any obstacles.

Gilgamesh ICO Teams

Gilgamesh Project Roadmap

Gilgamesh ICO Links

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