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By | September 12, 2018
Redcab LLC is a fast moving company in the Transportation industry with futuristic oriented business goals.
Cheap, comfortable and futuristic means of transportation are the dream of all people in this world to move from one place to another. All that is felt by everyone in riding public transportation is, they do not get good privacy, and also for low prices the facilities provided are very uncomfortable while for standard facilities, the price is very expensive. This is because there are managers and drivers who take advantage of doing business. Business models like this certainly add to the length of the chain of money transactions and result in expensive prices that must be borne by passengers.

Redcab LLC. : Smart Solution for Decentralized Transportation

Redcab LLC is a fast moving company in the Transportation industry with futuristic oriented business goals. Maybe you’ve heard a lot of transportation companies that connect drivers with customers directly, like UBER, Grab and GO-JEK, more or less Redcab LLC will also be like that company. But what distinguishes Redcab from other companies is, Redcab is more decentralized by implementing blockchain technology. That way, all existing transactions will be completely transparent and there will be no fraud. Blockchain itself was booming in Q4 2017 where all cryptocurrency assets increased to the highest of 350%.

Blockchain itself can be compared as a ledger that records all transaction data and is distributed transparently. This technology requires at least an internet connection, to be able to access all available data. Keep in mind, that the data stored in the blockchain will not be changed by anyone, so that the available data is valid data and there is no possibility of data forgery or data manipulation. This is the advantage of blockhchain technology, so in my opinion it is very fair for consumers and also a platform for economic relations to be mutually beneficial and transparent.
In the course of finding the right business model, Redcab has spent a full year doing research on existing transportation. All aspects needed by consumers and drivers are learned and maximized to look for business potential that can be developed again. The good news, now SmartPhone is easy to find for everyone, so this is an opportunity for the Redcab LLC Platform to be able to take advantage of this digital era.
Finally Redcab found a good business opportunity in this transportation field by combining blockchain technology and the development of this digital era. That is a p2p of the transportation industry by paying attention to the objectives of the business model and also the needs of consumers and supported by powerful technology, namely blockchain technology. Blockchain is used as the backbone of the transportation industry that Redcab LLC is working on to deliver deals and speed. Blockchain is very appropriate to implement and is ready to be used for individual and business purposes.

Smart Solution

With rising transportation costs, it will force all drivers to cut their income. As a result, what happens is that the drivers will decrease. Redcab will provide a win win situation, where all elements related to Redcab will get the maximum benefit because there is no fee. Redcab only connects between customers and drivers through blockchain technology embedded in Android and iOS applications. Customers will get their best transportation experience and of course cheap prices with convenient facilities will be the main factor to consider.
Redcab also targets to expand their business to the world level, but the main focus of the Redcab platform is Latin America, MENA and Asia Pacific. For those of you who want to know what the Redcab app is, please download it at

Support for Redcab

The Redcab platform requires support from the cryptocurrency community to be able to help in raising funds through the Token Sale held by the Redcab platform. By selling a new token, REDC Token, Redcab provides an opportunity for the entire cryptocurrency community to be able to support the successful funding of the platform. Please note, the pleasure of REDC Token is that it can be used to enjoy the services provided by the Redcab LLC platform, which is to transport. The number of REDC Tokens is also very very limited, so it’s a pity if you all miss the Token Sale Period held by Redcab LLC. The total Token supply is 100,00,000 REDC but, the distribution to investors is 62% or about 62 million REDC only. REDC token type is ERC20 with Ethereum Network base. The price of REDC Token is 1 ETH = 2,333 REDC. You can start investing from 0.1 ETH. For more information, or if you are interested in purchasing REDC Tokens, please visit the following link:

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