Como Murio Dora La Exploradora TikTok

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Como Murio Dora La Exploradora TikTok

Dora la exploradora is a translation of Dora the explorer in Spanish. This is a cartoon that is widely liked and popular in various countries.

However, TikTok netizens are currently busy discussing it because the character from this animation died. This of course surprised everyone.

Well starting from “Fox, don’t take her away” which is the title of a popular episode of the children’s series called “Dora the Explorer”.

This children’s animation first aired in August 2000, broadcast by Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. This cartoon is accepted by all circles, especially liked by children so that this adventure cartoon is known throughout the world.

Created by Chriss Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes and Erik Weiner with a cartoon design and format that is almost similar to “Sesame Street”.

However, this cartoon has its own characteristics, namely the interaction and communication of invitations from an adventurous girl named Dora.

However, recently it has become popular and has become a conversation among netizens on social media, one of which is TikTok about como murio dora la exploradora.

This topic causes many people to be curious and find out the truth on google and they are surprised by the results found.

About Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer tells of the adventures of Dora Márquez. She is a 7 year old girl with her friend Boots who is a little monkey.

They travel in each episode to complete challenging missions. They also work together as a team to achieve their goals.

Aided by the living creatures that inhabit the land on their every journey, they also have to face the masked fox, Swiper.

Aided by the living creatures that inhabit the land on their every journey, they also have to face the masked fox, Swiper.

Como Murio Dora Aa Exploradora?

Then regarding the topic that is currently viral on Tiktok and circulating on social networks, referring to searches carried out by many users, which are more Nickelodeon characters.

After reviewing again that the results they get and what they see on the screen is a page that refers to the title “Dora Not anymore” which is not a death thing.

It is the name of the song published by the YouTube channel TheStringiniBros which has more than 54 thousand subscribers.

The cartoon’s video was released in January 2012 and the lyrics of the song describe the possible cause of death for “Dora the explorer”. Please note that it is what the fans are called. So it’s not an official thing from the original cartoon.

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