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Being a cryptocurrency investor, we must also be required to always be creative and be able to take advantage of all existing conditions. But the majority of investors sometimes forget about small coins that have great potential to become big coins in the near future. Coins with small volumes can potentially earn up to 100x in just a few days. The speed of buying is the most crucial moment that must be done by investors, because when we are late in buying, we will also be late with the train that always arrives suddenly.

Ethershift: Easy and Fast way to buy ERC20 tokens

Ethershift is the fastest and easiest way to buy the best ERC20 tokens that have the potential to be listed on the major exchange. ERC20 tokens available on Ethershift are only a few choices, and if the token starts listing on a large exchanger, the price of the related token will likely increase dramatically. With the existence of Ethershift, we become easier in conducting transactions, there is no need to do KYC as well as when we buy tokens at other exchangers. And also when we buy tokens in the decentralized exchange, we sometimes find it difficult because of the complicated process.
Now the investment model for coins that are not so famous is very popular, because we can potentially get a big jackpot. For example, I bought XRB – Raiblocks in December 2017 (now rebranding to Nano) at a price of 0.2 USD. In that month, XRB was only available on Bitgrail and Mercatox. Then 5 months running, XRB began listing on several large exchanges such as Binance. And finally boom !!!! The price of XRB rises sharply to 35 USD for the price of 1 coin, profit of 17500% within 5 months. This is the reason why we are good at observing small coins that have the potential to become something big in the future.
The difficulty experienced by investors is, when he has to register with an exchanger, then he must do KYC and I also consider this process very complicated. With the presence of Ethershift, it seems that the process of buying and selling ERC20 tokens is easier. We only need to prepare our ETH wallet for deposit and ETH wallet to withdraw. For the rate of prices in Ethershift compared to the rate of prices on the exchanger it is also not so much different, so this is the most worthy solution, for those of us who like simple, fast and safe.
For those of you who have a website or blog, you can also monetize your website with Ethershift Scan & Go, where it works just like an affiliate system. Visitors who purchase ERC20 tokens on Ethershift through your website, you will get paid depending on how many tokens the user buys. Of course this can be used as an alternative income supplement for those of you who like to write and also like cryptocurrency.

My Opinion About Ethershit

In doing business in the field of cryptocurrency, we must be able to create new innovations that can make it easier for all layers of the cryptocurrency community to share in their functions and services. Ethershift is a solution for the cryptocurrency world where all small investors and big investors can feel the ease of purchasing ERC20 tokens using Ethereum. Ethershift makes it easy for us to take great opportunities that might occur on ERC20 coins that have never been listed on the major exchange. Profit potential of up to 1000x is common for small volume coins, so small investors will be able to feel the profit in their investment experience. The simple step that I might do is buy each of the existing tokens in small quantities, and do the long term HODL until big news appears about the coin I bought. The majority of coins that are developing are indeed in need of a long time to be listed on the major exchange, or at least when the related project starts to be able to market their products. Then there is a big advantage ready before the eyes.

Ethershift Token Sale

Token Sale is a fundraising event that is not regulated by the government with the aim of providing an opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to provide financial support to related projects.
Ethershift tokens are the initial stake for profit sharing from the benefits derived from the Ethershift platform in running the cryptocurrency exchange business model. You cannot use Ethershift to buy ERC20 on the Ethershift official website, but you will get 50% of the profits Ethershift receives from the exchange fee.

For those of you who want to buy Ethershift tokens, the main sale stage 1 will take place on November 5, 2018 to November 18, 2018, and the main sale stage 2 will take place on December 3, 2018 until December 16 2018. For the price of the token on stage 1 is 1 ETH = 400 Ethershift tokens, while the price of the token in stage 2 is 1 ETH = 200 Ethershift tokens. The faster you move, the cheaper the price the developer offers, so don’t miss this rare opportunity. Please visit and secure your Ethershift token.

You can find updated info about the Ethershift Token Sale on the useful link below
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