Data Stamping, from the Quadrant Protocol for data to be accurately tracked

By | July 18, 2018

Quadrant is a blockchain based protocol that enables the data distribution process to be more transparent.
Good day buddy, with me here, Bayu. Have you ever been lost in the woods and had trouble finding a way out? If you get lost in the forest for days, what goods do you need, what is food or gold? Surely you will choose food, because gold will not be useful in the middle of the forest, whereas with food, we can survive to find a way out of the forest. 
Same is the era in this world. The year 2018 is the year in which technology is growing rapidly. The Internet succeeds in becoming a catalyst of technological progress and development. On the Internet, the most valuable thing is Data. Yes, not gold, not uranium, not vibranium (metal from Wakanda, in the movie: Black Panther from MARVEL) , not coal. But Data is a new source of wealth today.

Data Transaction Practices

Google is the most successful internet king. The business model from google is, they provide free services to users, and retrieve all user data as fuel for existing services. If you browse about Google Adsense, then you will know, where hundreds of millions of Google user data flow. Google Adsense is an example of almost perfect data transactions. By selling user data to advertisers for targeting, it is Google’s way of earning substantial revenue.
In my opinion, the transaction model like this, less profitable for users. Because the data owners can not get full control over their data. Also user data is freely sold by the company without any reciprocity. Although Google has included Term of Service, but I still feel fairness does not side with the user. Also, lack of transparency when transaction data occurs, making this action prone to fraud.

Quadrant Protocol: Blockchain-based Data Industry Solutions

Quadrant is a blockchain based protocol that enables the data distribution process to be more transparent. With the implementation of blockchain technology, the business will be easier when doing data validation in the transaction. Quadrant ensures that all data transacted is authentic and authentic, providing open access transparently to each individual in tracking. This can be referred to as a future generation data distribution system, as so far, provider data and consumer data have never received transparency services.
Quadrant Protocol, also allows data providers to share profits with their users. The revenue-sharing system will be much more profitable to individuals who submit their data through the form they complete. That way, reciprocal relationships will become more equitable and well coordinated. Incentives for users are meant to make the user more passionate and motivated.
Quadrant aims to solve these problems by providing a blueprint for mapping disparate data sources. It will support proof of data authenticity and provenance via data stamping, the creation of “Constellations” (data smart contracts) for disparate data sources, and fair remuneration and incentive sharing. Data Consumers can trust the authenticity of the data they purchase, “Nurseries” (Data Producers) are compensated fairly every time their data is used, and “Pioneers” (Data Vendors) have the incentive to create innovative Constellations. This new transparent ecosystem ensures that companies get the authentic data they need.

Quadrant Protocol: Ecosystem

There are several major components that exist within the Quadrant ecosystem. All these components are interconnected and form a strong unity. Among others
  • Nurseries; the atomic data providers that create the original data records. They create stars, which can then be grouped into constellations.
  • Constellations; the smart contracts that map multiple data sources into a single data product. These data products are then transacted between parties.
  • Pioneers; the entities that create data products with Quadrant’s smart contracts.
  • Elons; the entities that utilize the created data products and with them, build new and unique products and services. They rely on constellations and constellation blueprints to make sense of the data space, which they will travel through.
  • Guardians; the master nodes that protect the integrity of the chain, ensuring that it is not compromised.


The Quadrant Protocol provides several benefits that all members of the ecosystems will be involved in this Quadrant business model.
Quadrant is a blockchain based protocol that enables the data distribution process to be more transparent.
The first is the Data Stamping feature that allows anyone who buys data, can track the data they buy. Data buyers can get details about who created it and who released it. It is very effective to use as a data authentication process as well as to know the data is genuine or false data.
Secondly, Quadrant Platform uses Smart contract. This is one of the benefits of Quadrant, by adopting blockchain and Smart Contract technology, enabling everyone to securely transact without fear of fraud. Smart Contract works automatically, where a command will be performed if the requirements have been met.
The latter is the Empowerment of data and services. Where a platform will empower all innovations from ecosystem members in providing new services or new products to Mega Constellation.


Quadrant has two types of tokens that may be on the market, namely QUAD and eQuad. QUAD is the main token, where this token will be used as an internal transaction tool and is a native token. QUAD will launch when mainnet releases. While eQuad is a token that will be sold when token sale, and SWAP token will be made into QUAD when the mainnet is released.
Token Sale is a new token utility sales event that aims to fund a related project. eQuad token sale aims to find supporters who want to be investors project Quadrant Protocol. Here are the token sale details that may be of benefit to you:
  • Token Symbol : eQuad
  • Token Type : ERC-20
  • Accepted : ETH
  • Public Sale : 26 June 2018 – 26 July 2018
  • eQuad supply : 1,000,000,000
  • eQuad for sale : 400,000,000
  • Price : 1 ETH = 10,782 eQuad
  • Contribution page :
  • Info : Softcap already reached


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