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By | May 7, 2018

DataBroker DAO is a platform that allows data owners to control and monetize their personal data safely and reliably.
Good day, my friend. How are you today? Surely you are healthy. Today I would love to write about the data. Data on the internet is a very valuable asset and of course must be in use with the bagik in order to be useful.
What is data?
Data is a collection of valid information consisting of several answers to available questions. For example, your age, gender, wife’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, birthplace, date of birth, hobbies, dreams, work, cell phone brands, favorite brand, favorite color, idol, According to ordinary people, this data is not so important, because they can not create a large data base that holds billions of data. So the data is ignored by many people.
However, in the hands of Google and Facebook, data data is collected. They use this data as ad targeting to work with publishers, advertisers and brand owners. By providing regular services, Google and Facebook managed to get billions of user data worldwide and they managed to reap millions of dollars in profits in a matter of days thanks to the data they get.
In fact, this is an unfair business, where users, or rather “data owners” never benefit from the data they share. Data owners never get paid for the contribution of their data. In addition, users also can not control their data that has been recorded and stored by this data silo company.

DataBroker DAO: The Best Data Marketplace

DataBroker DAO is a platform that allows data owners to control and monetize their personal data safely and reliably. DataBroker DAO will be shaped like a marketplace, where the product in transaksikan is data from various users around the world. By connecting data owners and data buyers directly, DataBroker DAO will be the choice of users in performing data sharing without intermediaries. By empowering existing telecommunication technology, based on: GSM, LoRa, SigFox.
Have you ever monetized your own data? Things like this very rarely happen, because the centralized company always wants to reap huge profits. Unlike other DataBrokers , everyone who contributes data, can monetize their data on each available marketplace. Transactions will occur in peer to peer, so DataBroker DAO can guarantee data security. Buying and selling data, through DataBroker DAO will become easier, cheaper, profitable and faster.
DataBroker DAO makes all transactions cheaper, because there is no intermediary party between the data owner and the data user. All this thanks to the blockchain technology they put on their platform. Blockchain is able to make all transactions more transparent, so checking will be easier and certainly safe. Usually this business model also uses Smart Contract services to make the transaction execution fairer. Blockchain is a ledger that contains data on transaction data and is distributed publicly. With this transparency, all ecosystems no longer need to worry about fraud.

Ecosystem : DataBroker DAO

An ecosystem is an integral part of every transaction that takes place on a platform. They are great contributors who always influence the development of the platform. Here are some Stakeholders who will participate in enlivening the DataBroker DAO platform
  • Sensor Owner

Who is the Sensor Owner? They are people who have tools or apps that can be used to capture data. For example is Google Maps, this application is able to store our data in the form of residence, place of favoritism, workplace, our school, and so forth. That way, data data will be recorded and then collected on a data base. Then, they sell the data through the marketplace of DataBroker DAO.
  • Data Buyer

The data buyer is the person who needs the data for his personal purposes. Generally, these data buyers use that data for ad targeting. Therefore, in this digital era, the data is very valuable, because marketing with the right target, of course will pour marketing costs and more get the attention based on the percentage of audience. For example, the person who owns the workplace in the city, in the office. They will want something simple, then, users of this data will offer fast food products that can be used to accompany these workers when hungry.
  • Data Processor

They are subjects who process data and collect data from multiple sources to be sold to Data Buyer. The data in the filter, the select and ensure the validity of a data. They will provide quality data on the Data Buyer which can then be utilized to be more efficient.
  • Gateway Operator

The Gateway Operator’s main role in DataBroker DAO is to expose the gateways they operate to allow sensor owners to sell their data on the platform. The data emitted by billions of globally distributed devices flows through a wireless sensor network (WSN) that is generally operated (but not exclusively) by major telecommunications companies in every country.


To facilitate all transactions that occur on the platform, the DataBroker DAO will use the token as an internal transaction tool. DTX Token will be the official token of the DataBroker DAO platform, so ecosystems are not affected by the price of other currencies in determining the price of the service. DTX Token will have an ERC20 type, with support for Ethereum platform. You can save DTX Token using Ethereum wallet like Ledger Nano, Trezor,, MetaMask, Mist, Parity. Make sure your private key is secure, so you have full control over the DTX Token you saved.

DTX Token Sale

Token Sale is a fundraising event to gain financial support from the cryptocurrency community. DTX Token sale aims to develop the DataBroker DAO platform to be established. Here’s my DTX Token Sale information:

Token Symbol : DTX
Pre Sale Price : 1 ETH = 6000 DTX
Token Sale Price : 1 ETH = 4000 DTX
Platform : Ethereum
Accepting : ETH
Hardcap : 108,000,000 DTX
Refferal bonus : 5% of sold tokensDistributed for Sale : 48%
KYC Report : Matthew van Niekerk (passed) , Roderik van der Veer (passed)

The team behind DataBroker DAO

DataBroker DAO is a platform that allows data owners to control and monetize their personal data safely and reliably.

DataBroker DAO is a platform that allows data owners to control and monetize their personal data safely and reliably.

DataBroker DAO is a platform that allows data owners to control and monetize their personal data safely and reliably.

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