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Data is a set of ordinary information that is not considered important, but it is very important for someone who needs data. The largest social media platform, Facebook is one company that utilizes data, to earn money. However, Mark Zuckeberg yesterday has made a fatal mistake, where millions of data users are known to have leaked. So the CEO and inventor of this Facebook should be exposed to problems and entangled with the law.
In the 21st century, data is a very important treasure. Any information about date of birth, favorite color, smart phone brand, home address, gender, interests, hobbies, talents and so forth is a very useful digital asset. However, the presence of intermediaries where the profit is too large, causing the productivity of data owners and data users to be less. In fact, facebook never pays for all the data we send, but the advertisers still have to pay facebook for our data. That is, our data is sold without us knowing it.

Development of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency revolution that is believed to be the currency of the future. Blockchain technology is the backbone of a cryptocurrency. Blockchain can be interpreted as a distributed ledger where all users in this space can access some data in blockchain, in accordance with the provisions of this blockhain maker. The reason people move to blockchain as backbone is, because blockchain is able to provide high level transparency and also super tight data security. All types of data manipulation, will never happen to blockchain, so this technology really should be developed to be implemented in every life of the community.
Imagine a world without any corruption, without any online fraud, without any data theft. Surely everyone can live with mutual benefit and smile at each other.

Datareum: Marketplace Data based on blockchain

Datareum is a decentralized data marketplace that allows an individual to monetize their data equally. With Datareum, you can now sell your data to a specific person such as a researcher, company or group of people interested in your data. All transactions will happen directly without any intermediary party. As I explained above, the intermediary always takes great advantage. This is certainly an obstacle between data owners and data users. Datareum makes peer to peer transactions the right choice for ecosystems, because then the data will become more secure and controllable.
Data transactions with Datareum will be very safe and certainly avoid the actions of hackers. By utilizing incentive system, it is believed that all data available in Daterum is valid original data. This is very important, considering the data will be in transaksikan not free, the owner of the data will be paid. This is a data distribution revolution that can be controlled directly by the data owner. And blockchain technology is the backbone of the Datareum platform.
The use of blockchain will make all transactions more secure and reliable. Although through the Datareum platform, but teams and developers do not take advantage of transactions that occur. Blockchain eliminates the presence of intermediaries, also with blockchain, users can save expenses that are usually allocated to a database owned by a centralized company. That way, user data will be stored securely and there will be no data theft.

Datareum for Data Owner

By empowering data owners, of course this is a fair innovation for business people. Data owners can now gain complete control over all their data on the internet. Owners can control to whomever their data will be distributed. The sophisticated and modern mechanism of Datareum will be able to easily make all kinds of data transactions safer, cheaper, and faster.
Datareum also allows data owners to monetize each data. All the simple information that we think is normal, is a digital treasure for someone. So do not let the treasure go to waste. You can output data according to your wishes. So, only certain people you choose will be able to use your personal data and information.
Someone who can earn money just by filling out the form only. Of course, all data must be filled correctly, because this is a form of mutual cooperation. Here you will be paid every fill out form, different from the form on Facebook or Google, you will not get paid from the giant company.

Datareum for Data Users

People who need data can create a custom form, which contains questions their company may use or may need. Then the form will be given to the data owners in various countries on this earth to fill. Once data has been collected, users of this data will pay DTN Token to form fillers (data owners). This is more simple and certainly legal in both sides, because the agreement has been formed.
With Datareum, a data user can also reduce transaction costs, because Datareum does not use intermediaries in every transaction. All types of transactions will occur in peer to peer. This data data can be used for targeting ads for the purpose of product marketing. Also data from the survey data can be used for research purposes and so forth.

Support for Datareum on the DTN Token Sale event

DTN is the official token issued by the Datareum platform for the purposes of all internal transactions for the entire ecosystem. DTN Token is a cryptocurrency which can later be transacted on several exchanges so that users around the world can enjoy the usefulness and features of Datareum.
DTN Token sale is a fundraising event for the purpose of funding the Datareum project. Buy token = support project. Here I give some information about DTN Token Sale
  • Token Symbol : DTN
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Token Price : 0.03 USD/DTN
  • Softcap : 500,000 USD (reached)
  • Hardcap : 18,000,000 USD
  • Total supply : 1,000,000,000 DTN
  • Token for sale : 600,000,000 DTN
Informasi lengkap mengenai DTN Token sale silahkan mengunjungi
Remember, this is not an advice for investment. I’m just a person who wants to write about Datareum

The team behind Project


  • Apr 18 : DTN Pre-Sale
  • May 18 : Proof of Concept
  • Jun 18 : DTN Public Sale
  • Jul 18 : Tokens to be unlocked after Public Sale
  • Aug 18 : Tokens to be listed in exchanges
  • Sep 18 : Alpha Platform on Testnet
  • Oct 2018 : Completion of Smart contract payment and data exchange services
  • Oct 2018 : Wallet system
  • Dec 2018 : Launch of Provider & Requester web portals
  • Dec 2018 : Launch of IOS and Android app for both Providers & Requesters
  • Q1 2019 : Continue strategic acquisitions and investments to support the adoption and growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech globally.
  • Q1 2019 : Launch of Data Marketplace
  • Q2 2019 : E-commerce platform to list products from requesters, payable in DTN
  • Q2 2019 : Launch Marketing campaigns across Europe and United States
  • Q3 2019 : Launch Marketing campaigns in Asia

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