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By | July 30, 2023

Download Hello kitty island adventure apk and play a fun adventure game for fans of the Hello Kitty animation. Don’t miss the download link for the application, only here.

Hello Ico friends, back again with Mimin who will provide interesting information from various parts of the world, both viral, technology, android and game information. On this occasion, Ico will review a little about a game called Hello Kittu Island Adventure.

Who is not familiar with the animated Hello Kitty, one of the anime characters which is an adaptation of a female cat that has a ribbon on its head. This animation was first created in Japan in 1974.

Yes, as mentioned above, this animation comes from Japan. Japan is indeed famous for its anime which is very popular and famous in the world. Anime itself is the designation of animation in Japan.

Many anime that are currently well-known have even become favorite animation. Among them are One Piece by Eiichiro Oda Naruto, Dragon Ball and many more.

All of these anime have adapted many games, both from PC, Android, to PS. And most recently, now comes the cute and exciting adventure game, Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

About Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hello Kitty is an adventure game that you can play with friends. This game carries the theme of a life simulation where players will build friendships with their favorite characters.

Players will be presented with exciting adventures both in the underwater world and in other worlds full of puzzles and challenges that must be conquered to get treasure.

This game has a gameplay time of approximately 40 hours or more as time goes on. What’s more special, you can play this game with friends or multiplayer.

If you want to play alone, all you have to do is choose the game with solo mode to explore the world of hello kitty which has a variety of adorable creatures, delicious food, and mysteries to be uncovered.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Critter List

In playing this Hello Kitty adventure, you have to collect or complete missions to complete your adventure. Among these missions is to collect living things in the fabric.

You will get Reef critter list hello kitty island adventure very easily, because Mimin will share the method. Actually, getting a list of living things or coral biota is very difficult for beginners.

Fortunately, you are in the right article, because here we will explain how to get living creatures or Reef critters. Here’s how to get the Reef Critter List at Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

The way to get the reef critter list in this hello kitty island adventure, you have to enter the seaside room which is located on the left of the nature preserve. After successfully entering, walk forward from the wooden bridge, then turn sharply to the left and enter the water.

Then you have to swim into the water and head to the lower left corner. Now after that, you will see a list of coral creatures in several crates/wooden boxes. To get it, you have to climb the wood and take what is in the crate.

How Many Reef Critter List Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

After getting the creature, how many Reef critters are actually there? So, there are 8 biota or coral creatures, you know. What are they? below are the details.

  1. Barnabeetle
  2. Crustocean
  3. Dreamshell Drifter
  4. Inky Ballooper
  5. Rainbow Ribbiter
  6. Sapphire Seapony
  7. Slugnautica
  8. Wollypog.

Download Hello Kitty Island Adventure APK

For those of you who can’t wait to play this fun and funny game, don’t worry. Because Mimin will share the download link with you for free. But it’s very unfortunate for you Android users, because this game can only be played on iPhone or Apple devices.

You can download this game on the AppStore by writing the keyword Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Or you can also use some related keywords, including:

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You can also use the link that Mimin will share below, so you don’t bother looking for it.

Finaly Word

Thus the review this time in discussing Download Hello kitty island adventure apk along with the reef critter list. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you. Read other articles only at

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