Easy Tips To Earn Money From Youtube

By | April 19, 2022

Iconewsmedia.Com – Youtube is Google’s video streaming platform, where users can upload different types of content in the form of videos and share information with each other. In addition to being an entertainment medium that is often used to search and watch videos and hits for free, you can also further increase your insight and knowledge on Youtube.

As is known, every day there are many new video publications made by YouTube content creators. Currently, the Youtube platform can indeed be an option for those of you who have the goal of wanting to become a famous person without the need to attend an audition program or the like. Not to mention, the youtuber profession is considered to promise fantastic income of up to tens of millions of rupiah each month.

Define The Theme And Type Of Video Content

To be a successful youtuber today, we’re not just talking about how much content you can produce every day. Instead, there is another important thing that is the theme of the content to be delivered. For example, Ria Ricis initially conceptualized her upload video for the theme of toys.

To make it easier for you to determine the theme of the content you want to host on your Youtube channel, you can start by choosing content that you really master or based on personal hobbies. For example, if you are a sports lover, then you can make a sports-themed video.

After finding the theme of the video, then next you also need to consider what type of content will be created. For this, you can research in advance about what types of videos are popular with YouTubers. This method can make it easier for you to get more viewers. For example, for sports-themed content, you can create video tutorials, match predictions, and so on.

Prepare Equipment For Creating Videos

After doing some research on the theme of the content your Youtube channel wants to produce later, the next step is to set up a variety of tools to help you create engaging videos.

In general, you can use your smartphone to record videos. But if you have a DSLR camera, then it will be more helpful to make your video. Don’t forget to adjust the lighting and background when you are doing video recording indoors.

If your video recording is complete, you can edit the video using the help of software such as Final Cut Pro. Today, many youtube viewers consider not only the content and type of video, but also the editing quality of the video they are watching.

Upload And Promote Videos

Creating a Youtube account is not difficult, as the service connects directly to your Gmail account. But before you publish your video on Youtube, you need to make sure that you do not infringe copyright either in terms of video clips, images, sounds, etc. If you are new to the world of Youtube, this will automatically also affect the number of viewers of your Youtube account which is still relatively small.

To increase the number of viewers, you can promote your video to various social media, especially communities related to the theme of the video.

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