Ethereum Classic Vision – Decentralization, Scalability, and Security

By | January 3, 2019

At the moment the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a very difficult situation. The price of the two giant cryptocurrency leaders has continued to plunge since mid-2018. Expectations are expected to turn the economy into a more established, decentralized, instantiated, free and without interference from the authorities as if it has not fully materialized at the end of 2018. Many problems or difficulties which has not been resolved by Ethereum as one of the biggest blockchain in the world as well as the scale of transaction processing which is limited to every second, the rewards decrease for each miner, and so forth.


Ethereum Classic Vision is the forthcoming ethereum hard fork, a new cryptocurrency that proposes bold and efficient answers to crises in the blockchain industry. Ethereum Classic Vision is built as a system that is sophisticated, fast, easy and has the goal of resolving the main problems facing ethereum, including scaling, development inefficiencies and high costs of data storage. 

Ethereum Classic Vision as a hard ethereum fork will utilize the most advanced solutions proposed for the world’s second largest digital currency. This project will combine technologies such as sharding, p2p asset exchange, dApp development tools and decentralized file storage using IPFS.


VisionDEX givesusers a Ethereum Classic Vision way to conduct market operations without relying on centralized exchanges and integrating the decentralized p2p cryptocurrency exchange. VisionDEX ensures that Ethereum Classic Vison holders will have full control of their assets and will not lose their ownership. All digital assets created using the Ethereum Classic Vision platform can also be listed and available to buyers even VisionDEX can be used as a fundraising platform for starup blockchain.


Ethereum Classic Vision will introduce its own subplatform to develop new decentralized applications, with various tools, including sidechain development kits and extensive database of previously made smart contracts, plug-and-play applications, and modules created by the Ethereum Classic Vision community and provided free of charge. The Ethereum Classic Vision dApp platform will display a back-end and front-end development tool, which allows users to build complete applications with an attractive UI and add native applications for Android and iOS without repetition to third party services.


In this model, the entire network state is divided into a number of fragments, or fractions, each of which has a decentralized structure. Because each node only processes information related to its shard and does not need to concern itself with transactions that occur in other shards (except for cross-shard operations), processing payments in parallel, effectively with increasing capacity multiplying.


IPFS or Interplanetary File System that is fully decentralized, operational, and has connected thousands of users. IPFS has many similarities with the more advanced blockchain, although it uses very different technologies. Every large file stored in the system is sharded. With each shard receiving a unique cryptographic hash (such as transactions on the blockchain). All hashes are stored in a table, which is updated automatically every time a new file enters the system. Every fraction of each file is stored on multiple copies by many users, ensuring that it remains available even when some users are offline. For the storage of proprietary and confidential data, standard cryptographic mechanisms can be used (both symmetrical, such as SHA-256 hashes, and asymmetries – taking into account the possible threats presented by the progress of quantum computers to asymmetric cryptography as a whole).


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