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Good afternoon friend, today we have new material about the cryptocurrency project exchanger. Perhaps because of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, many developers want to make it easier for new users to easily have cryptocurrency assets.

The crypto community now requires an easy-to-use exchange anywhere, anytime with good mobility and safety. Recent news, writing that two exchanges from Korea have been hacked, and reportedly stolen more than 40 million USD.

Unfortunately, so much money, but a very vulnerable security system, will certainly give a negative reputation for themselves.

Nebula Exchange

Nebula Exchange is a unique cryptocurrency exchanger that leverages the power of social networks, news and research.
Nebula allows everyone to exchange information through chat feature before they decide to invest in large amount. That way, everyone who joined in Nebula Exchange, will get a very pleasant experience. Everyone can trade and discuss each other about the updated news.

This is a great option to get safe and fun buy and sell cryptocurrency services. No matter, you are a proffesional trader or a new trader, Nebula Exchange is the best choice for all of us to win.
In discussions, Nebula Exchange integrates the rating feature on each user who is discussing. With this feature, users with good messages, building and encouraging may get a high rating and are easy to trust.

So there will be a difference between the wise and the one who is always nonsense.

Ratings can be given by anyone, for example you are giving a signal that ETH will hold an event, and ascertain ETH price will go up. Then a few hours later, the price of the ETH really rises, so there will be a lot of reputation given to you. That makes your voice more heard when discussing with other users. It also aims to reduce spammers with low message quality.

Reputation Leveling is a feature that is able to distinguish colors from a person’s name in a public chat column. The higher the reputation, the better the color will be displayed by the system. And the message is also being noticed by all users.

Here are the levels and needs of the RP (Reputation Point) to be able to level up

  • Levels 1-10, every multiple of 50 RP, which is in the range 0 – 500 RP
  • Level 11-20, every multiple of 100 RP, which is in the range 500 – 1500 RP
  • Level 21-30, every multiple of 250 RP, that is there is a range of 1500 – 4000 RP
  • Level 31-40, every multiple of 500 RP, which is in the range of 4000 – 9000 RP
  • Level 41-48, every multiple of 1000 RP and level 49 – 50, every multiple of 2000 RP

Deposit dan Withdraw

Like other centralized exchanges, the process of depositing and withdrawing is not much different. Because of the anonymous nature of blockchain, it is recommended that all users be more careful in depositing and withdrawing.

If it is possible for a transaction to be canceled, then contact customer service immediately, so that your transaction is immediately canceled.

The Nebula uses 2FA as a security layer. This method is considered very effective because every time you want to withdraw, you must have a secret code that will change every 30 seconds.

NESC Token

NESC Token is a utility token from the Nebula platform, which stands for Nebula Exchange Star Credits. The NESC Token is very useful and will always be needed by everyone. NESC holder will benefit in the form of discount for each trading transaction fee.

In addition, in the case of listing coins, you must also have NESC Tokens so that your coins can be listed in Nebula Exchange. Every year, 25% of the Nebula platform profits will be used to buy NESC Tokens, then burn them.

This is a rare opportunity, where NESC Tokens can only be obtained when the Token Sale event is held by the Nebula Exchange platform.

For those of you who want to join the Nebula Exchange community, please visit the following ICO page : https://nebula.exchange/ico/


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