FinanceX is INDODAX’s new competitor as the best Exchanger Cryptocurrency in SEA

By | September 17, 2018

In the past few years, cryptocurrency has been viral and booming, making the public focus their attention on cryptocurrency. Many people are getting interested in trading and also investing in cryptocurrency lately, because the ROI they get is quite large. In this case, the role of the exchanger is very important to be able to determine the ease of access of a newbie who wants to try and do business in the crypto field. In Southeast Asia, there is an exchanger from Indonesia which is the largest cryptocurrency exchanger in Southeast Asia, namely INDODAX. But now INDODAX only provides IDR pair for FIAT sector, and the other is pair coin to coin. This causes people from several countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries to find it difficult to deposit and withdraw FIAT currencies in their respective countries.

FinanceX: Future Cryptocurrency Exchanger for Southeast Asia

FinanceX is a cryptocurrency exchanger project that allows one to exchange currencies easily and quickly and low cost. With the initial target of reaching markets in Southeast Asia, FinanceX will be available deposits in the form of fiat currencies from various countries such as USDT, VND (Vietnam Dong), IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), MMK (Myanmar Kat), MYR (Malaysian Ringgit), LAK ( Laos Kip), PHP (Philippine Peso), SGD (Singapore Dollar) and so on. Singapore and Indonesia are very potential countries and become the biggest market in the cryptocurrency business. In addition to FIAT currencies from the country, you can also make deposits using PayPal, E-Wallet and bank transfers.
In addition, the FinanceX platform also allows a person to be able to exchange their currency with another country’s currency for special purposes. This kind of connection, of course, will make it easy for everyone to convert currency. In addition, everyone will be able to trade at a very low cost, even cheaper than the exchangers in their respective countries. The implementation of sophisticated technology, can also help users to be able to make transactions quickly, at least 100,000 transactions per second and a maximum of 200,000 transactions per second. Another feature provided by FinanceX is, someone will be easier to manage their portfolio, such as history, total profit, or maybe the loss they get.
Security and convenience systems that are upgraded, from FinanceX allow users to be more confident in the FinanceX platform and also feel comfortable when exchanging. You will get a notification when there are suspicious activities that occur with your FinanceX account, then you also have to do KYC for security together, and you can also activate 2FA so that your login method becomes very safe. Please note that all tokens that you deposit in FinanceX’s wallet exchanger will be stored in a cold wallet to avoid hacking.

FinanceX vs INDODAX

INDODAX has long been established, INDODAX used to have the name, but now it has changed. The advantage of INDODAX is that this platform allows the deposit and withdrawal of FIAT currency, IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). With the title of being the biggest exchanger in Southeast Asia, INDODAX should be able to develop and evolve better. But Ocar Darmawan (CEO of INDODAX) has not taken a significant step.
So that the FinanceX opportunity to master the Southeast Asian market I feel is very wide open. Even FinanceX has the potential to shift the existence of INDODAX as the largest cryptocurrency exchanger in Southeast Asia. FinanceX has a business model that is almost the same as other exchangers, namely by charging transaction fees, deposit fees, withdrawal fees and listing coins. I am quite confident in the existence of FinanceX, because teams and developers come from several countries in Asia that are very expert in the stock world and also cryptocurrency. The superiority of FinanceX compared to INDODAX is the transparency of fees and also supports multi FIAT deposits and withdrawals.

FinanceX ICO

FinanceX ICO is an opportunity given to cryptocurrency investors to provide financial support to the FinanceX platform. By selling FNX Tokens, all cryptocurrency communities that have FNX Tokens will experience the special feature features of the FinanceX platform. The total tokens released are 900,000,000 FNX Tokens with a minimum of softcap of 3 million USD and a maximum revenue or hardcap is 15 million USD. The FNX Token is an ERC20 token and is the result of the Ethereum network. For those of you who want to buy a FNX Token, you can visit the following link:

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