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The size of the online store market, making everyone interested and competing to compete in competing in making money through the internet. Even people who have no money, he can be an online shop owner. Everyone is good at doing business with the internet, but how the marketing strategy they use? Can they get buyers? Dare they give a discount or loyalty to their loyal customers?

Introducing Bitrewards

BitRewards is a blockchain-based loyalty and reward system for e-commerce businesses. BitRewards helps online shop owners to be able to give gifts or loyalty to their customers who have shopped. Loyalty system like this will be the main attraction for the buyers, because in addition to getting the goods they want, buyers also get loyalty money. With a strategy like this, a buyer will tend to be more happy to always shop at a store that provides loyalty. Store owners will gain good reputation and trust from buyers. So it can increase the quantity of the store’s sales.
BIT Token is a digital currency that will be used as a means of loyalty payments. BIT Token is also a part of cryptocurrency that will enliven the burst of cryptocurrency at some time to come. In addition, BitRewards will be able to easily integrate on common website types with API technology. Token BIT is a token based Ethereum Blockchain with ERC20 type. The introduction of BIT Token in the online store industry, can also serve as a promotional tool for economic crypto. BIT Tokens can also be redeemed by consumers directly or may also be spent on other Merchants linked to the BitRewards platform.

Implementasi Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that supports the digital currency can be circulated without any centralized agency. Blockchain can make a system more decentralized, secure, transparent with immutable data in it. Blockchain is like a distributed ledger, where all layers of society can access data stored on the blockchain. Members of an ecosystem network connected with blockchain can also store their data safely and immutable on blockchain storage. All the rantau flow of a data transaction will be traced easily to the existence of blockchain technology.

Keuntungan Pengguna BitRewards

BitRewards provides several advantages for retailers as well as buyers. With the help of blockchain, the more benefits and experience users or BitRewards ecosystems will get.

Keuntungan bagi Customer

  • Easy registration process and the security of the cryptocurrency wallet that has been connected to the BitRewards platform
  • Bonus from different Merchant will be able to accommodate on one wallet and of course can be used to transact with other Merchant in one network BitRewards
  • Users also connect with plastic debit card banks such as Visa and MasterCard
  • Maximum flexibility and security for BIT Token owners
  • Allows easy buying of cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH
  • The value of the token will continue to rise along with the high demand from retailers, and the limited total supply

Keuntungan bagi Retailers

  • Free, but it gives a very amazing and flexible effect
  • A unique opportunity to be able to reward the cryptocurrency community
  • A great opportunity to stand out among the competition and promote your brand or store

BIT Token dan Informasi Token Sale

As I explained above, that BIT Token is the internal currency that can be used by the ecosystem in conducting transactions. For merchants who want to join and connect with BitRewards must have BIT Token as fuel by buying it in exchange or buy it at the time of Token Sale event held directly by developer from BitRewards.
Token Sale is a fundraising event conducted by teams and developers directly to raise capital and to develop related platforms. BIT Token Sale is a BIT token sales event for the purpose of building and developing the BitRewards platform as a loyalty platform in the blockchain based e-commerce industry.

Some important information that you can note is as follows

  • Token Symbol: BIT
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20
  • Token Price: 1 BIT = 0.00003472 ETH
  • Total supply: 2,000,000,000 BIT
  • BIT Token For Sale: 1,280,000,000 BIT
  • Accepting: ETH & BTC
  • Pre ICO Time: January 12, 2018 – March 31, 2018
  • Softcap: 3,000,000 USD (already reached)
  • Hardcap: 15,000,000 USD
  • Country: Singapore
  • Contribution page:
  • Partner: Priority Token


The online buying and selling industry is now growing rapidly. BitRewards will make the shopping experience of merchants connected to BitRewards more extreme by loyalty to buyers. A buyer will certainly be more motivated and more trusting of merchants who work with BitRewards. And the relationship between seller and buyer gets better.

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