Interesting Products and Services from Cashaa ICO

By | December 4, 2017
Interesting Products and Services from Cashaa ICO
People in the world need a solution to banking problems and the bank platform should be able to revolutionize their services to meet the needs of the community. So far, when we want to send money to our brothers in other countries through banks, they always complicate the existing process. In fact, very often when the last process on the road, new problems arise that harm the user. Conditions like this are very hampering business to move. In addition, the economic community was also hampered. Especially now there are still many people who do not have a bank account. Whereas in business, someone will receive a prize money or payment in the form of bank transfer. So that certainly, most people in the world have not felt the real business. Cashaa ICO is predicted to be the solution for the online business.

What is Cashaa?

Cashaa is a blockchain-based banking and empowers (AI) Artificial Intelligence on a device used for identification systems. Cashaa will use fingerprint for data verification or login. Cashaa also targets unbanked person markets, to participate in platform ecosystems. Everyone allows to use blockchain technology, although he can not use blockchain though. Cashaa is also subject to the applicable legal system in the United Kingdom, so that all actions will be based on law and accountable.
Cashaa has a wallet that is directly integrated with a peer to peer exchanger. Thus, Cashaa allows its users to save and spend their money safely and quickly. Blockchain technlog also makes every transaction traceable and can guarantee its validity. With blockchain, everyone will not be able to transact with hidden funds, or the easy term is anti-fraud technology.

Cashaa ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an invitation to the public to attend a crowdfunding event with the release of a new digital token or coin. The public will be offered a digital coin which, the coin has its own utility according to the services offered by the platform.In practice, a coin will go to the Exchangers, which can be redeemed for other currencies at an equivalent price.But keep in mind, this article I created just to inform you about Cashaa ICO Any form of investment or purchase of tokens is entirely your risk and I can not is responsible for the results you receive, so invest wisely.
Cashaa ICO is organized by a Cashaa platform to raise funds and gain public support whose goal is to revolutionize the outdated banking system. By becoming a decentralized bank based on blockchain, it will impact the user’s convenience, which all ecosystems can gain transparency, compatibility and scalability. Some of the information I get in the implementation of Cashaa ICO is as follows:
  • ICO Start : 6 November 2017
  • ICO Ends : 5 Desember 2017 (atau ketika CAP telah tercapai)
  • Symbol : CAS
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 CAS
  • Token Sale : 510,000,000 CAS
  • Token Type : Ethereum ERC20
  • Accepted Currencies : ETH, BTC, USD, GBP, EUR
  • Escrow : Yes, Secured​ ​in​ ​multi-signature​ ​escrow
  • Token Price : 0.1 USD
  • Min Ammount : 30 USD
  • Softcap : 2,500,000 USD
  • Hardcap : 32,000,000 USD
A total of 51% of total token is sold, allocation for team is 20%, community 5% and company 24%. Of these, I think it is fair, because the allocation to the public is more than half the total suply.

Products from the Cashaa ICO Platform that Interest Me

The statement below is based on my taste, because I often transact, then I prefer some products only. okay, Let’s see, two products from Cashaa  ICO which I think is very useful for me maybe for you too 🙂 (in my opinion)

Cashaa ICO has its own Wallet

Everyone uses money as a universal means of exchange. In daily life money is used for means of payment, so the existence of money is vital. Everyone in the world needs money for daily activities. Money can also be used as a measure of one’s wealth. That way, everyone needs a safe deposit of money to avoid unwanted things like theft, manipulation, pickpocketing and hackers.
Cashaa Wallet is an alternative to traditional banking in a better way to spend, store and share your money, free of cost and directly from your phone. Cashaa Wallet is globally accessible, so everyone using the Cashaa Wallet App will easily transfer funds securely and quickly. Cashaa Wallet is already available on the web version, and will be available in Play Store and App Store in the near future. Some features of Cashaa Wallet are as follows:

1. KYC​ ​for​ ​customer​ ​onboarding
2. Deposit,​ ​send,​ ​receive​ ​fiat​ ​money​ ​(multi-currency​ ​wallet)
3. Deposit,​ ​send,​ ​receive​ ​crypto​ ​assets​ ​(multi-cryptocurrency​ ​wallet)
4. Security​ ​features​ ​to​ ​control​ ​the​ ​physical​ ​&​ ​virtual​ ​card
5. Trading​ ​crypto​ ​assets​ ​(advanced​ ​feature)
6. Activate​ ​foreign​ ​value-based​ ​transactions
7. Tips,​ ​tools​ ​and​ ​tailored​ ​advice​ ​to​ ​reach​ ​your​ ​financial​ ​goals
8. Spending​ ​analytics​ ​&​ ​transaction​ ​notification
9. Tap-to-pay​ ​functionality​ ​on​ ​the​ ​participating​ ​3rd​ ​party​ ​mobile​ ​wallets

Physical​ ​&​ ​Virtual​ ​cards

Online business is mushrooming in the community, everyone needs a medium of payment that can be accepted globally. Although the existence of cryptocurrency is booming, but the existence of the FIAT currency is still recognized by the state government. Thus, payments using FIAT currency get full permission to transact globally.
Physical & Virtual cards is a product of Cashaa that is perfect for online businesses all over the world. The existence of Credit / Debit Card has been widely recognized by the public. With the Card, everyone can trade using FIAT currency to the world.


Participating in Cashaa ICO is just like supporting the formation of Cashaa platform. The decision is in your hands, support the project that you think has a usefulness for the wider community, making it easier for all activities of the community itself. In my opinion, Cashaa is very suitable for online business, because it makes it easier for someone to transact.
Because I am an online businessman, so I have some consideration in making an investment. I like to write, I like stories, I also like to read and buy and sell. Once again I remind you, that all kinds of investments you make, I am not responsible for the risks you receive. Be an intelligent investor with some speculation and careful consideration.

Cashaa ICO Links

Cashaa ICO Website :
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Cashaa ICO Telegram :
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