Investment in Property Business, DOMINIUM ITO starts from 25 EUR

As we know, that the population in this world is always increasing, and of course everyone will need a place to live for sleeping, cooking, resting, family and daily activities. This is of course a very good potential for us to engage in the property business that has a bright future. The property business is always profitable, because it is getting older this year, the more expensive the price of land, houses, buildings or apartments. But there are some problems experienced by investors with very little capital, that is they are hampered and cannot participate in the existing property investment model.

Introducing: Dominium, Blockchain-based Property Management Solution

Dominium is a platform that helps the public to finance property, register and also property management, which includes all circles, all nations and recording agents that are all implemented in a distributed ledger, namely blockchain. As we know, property management is not easy, one must have skills in marketing techniques, consider profit and loss, maintain management, and so on. With the existence of Dominium, it is expected that the public can also make it easier to invest in property and conduct management. So basically, Dominium only provides services around property so that it is easier, cheaper and certainly safe for everyone.
Blockchain itself is a technology today that can distribute data stored publicly and transparently. The existence of cryptocurrency makes the existence of blockchain technology increasingly well-known and then many developers are starting to implement this technology as the backbone of their business model. With blockchain technology, all transaction matters will be much safer than we use third party services. That means, replacing third parties with digital technology will make transaction costs incurred.
To join the property world, all new members must pass the Know Your Customer / AML (Anti-Money Laudering) process. In this process, you need to prepare several documents so that the process runs smoothly. Some documents that you must prepare in the form of images are as follows, Valid ID (can be a Driving License, Passport, or ID Card), Proof Address (can be a Utility Bill or a Bank Statement), Bank Account Details, Tax Identification Number, and Self -Certificate of HNW Status or investor type status.

ITO (Initial Token Offering)

ITO is a government regulation-free fundraising facility where the public can participate to buy new tokens released by the platform. When the platform is established, the token owner will be able to enjoy the services provided by the platform. Disini Dominium holds ITO events, sells DOM Tokens whose function is not as an investment in property, but you will be able to enjoy the services provided by the platform, when the Dominium platform is fully established. The price of the DOM Token can go up for each year, because the Dominium platform will buy back from their profit, then burn the token they bought.

DOM Token is an Ardor-based token, however, you can buy DOM Tokens using BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, NTX, ARDR, IGNIS and Fiat. The normal price of the DOM Token is 0.25 EUR plus a bonus based on the number of tokens sold. Minimum investment is 100 DOM Tokens, or around 25 EUR. Softcap from ITO from this condo is 2,500,000 EUR, while the hardcap is 17,500,000 EUR. For those of you who are interested in investing, please visit the following link:

Keep in mind, that the ITO investment model does not promise profit in the near future. Whatever you do is the risk you take. I hope you stay connected with news updates from the Dominium by visiting the helpful link below
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