IOVO Enables Us to Control Our Data on the Internet for Monetization

By | November 5, 2018

IOVO (Internet of Value OmniLedger) is a global open database for the purpose of storing and exchanging information based on any type of quantitative value asset and making it easier for someone to exercise complete control over each individual's data.
In this digital era, the most valuable thing, even more valuable than gold, is data. Yes, any data that we share on the internet through an application or web browser, is actually valuable data that we can use again. Unfortunately, all internet users currently don’t care about their data, so large companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo and others are successful companies because they use data from their users. Without realizing it, we have missed an important component that is very valuable and of course it can be used for better, namely data.

Introducing IOVO, Data Ownership Solution on the Internet

IOVO (Internet of Value OmniLedger) is a global open database for the purpose of storing and exchanging information based on any type of quantitative value asset and making it easier for someone to exercise complete control over each individual’s data. The existence of IOVO is very helpful for all internet users to be able to secure their respective data which will be stored safely on the blockchain. User data stored on the blockchain will be accessible to entities or organizations that act as data buyers or data consumers who must pay in advance to be able to utilize data from users, or here can be referred to as data suppliers. The technique used in data collection is being able to use question and answer forms, or questionnaires, or whatever IOVO is just an intermediary without knowing anything that is being discussed by data buyers and data providers. So, IOVO will not know what data is being transacted, in other words IOVO does not have the knowledge of matters relating to the privacy of its clients.

Blockchain is a technology that was introduced into cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin in 2019. This year, blockchain use is very popular to be implemented in all business models, especially in data security. The way blockchain works can be illustrated as a distributed ledger where every data stored on blockchain storage will be immutable. All data stored on the blockchain can be verified. Every transaction that occurs through the blockchain can easily be tracked in the shipping path in detail. With the blockchain implementation on the IOVO platform, enabling encrypted user data storage will be safer and also cheaper. As well as the confidentiality of the data can also be justified. The generation of blockchain used by IOVO is the DAG (Directed Acrylic Graph) which is the next generation of blockchain.

IOVO (Internet of Value OmniLedger) is a global open database for the purpose of storing and exchanging information based on any type of quantitative value asset and making it easier for someone to exercise complete control over each individual's data.

The importance of data on the internet, there are still not many people who realize it. So that a big opportunity for big internet companies becomes easier in knowing our personal life information. Google is a company that uses our data for their marketing needs on Goole Ads. User data is a matrix for grouping targeted ads from Google. Here the parties who benefit are Google and Advertisers, where the injured party is a user, because they don’t get any feedback. That is why IOVO wants to free internet users to be able to use their data and control their data freely without intervention from other parties. Although IOVO is the party that collects and stores data, the IOVO platform does not have any knowledge about the data collected, so that the user’s privacy is maintained.

Importance of Data on the Internet

Data is monetized by large companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and others in a very simple way. Every time you type on a Google search engine, your writing will be saved. For example, you are looking for a solution on Google with the keyword “How to make pie”. With the advanced technology that Google has, then when you browse YouTube, Blogspot, and any website, ads will appear related to those keywords. So data is used by large companies as a medium for advertising targeting. What is paid for the data that you share on the internet is the company that collects your data, not you. Therefore, are you willing to own your own data monetized by other companies that don’t give you feedback?
In mid-2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) began to be implemented and implemented for the process of providing protection rights to one’s personal data. This shows that the government in the EU does not want the exploitation of intellectual property owned by each individual to be used without permission from the data owner. From here, we will all begin to realize that our data is a very valuable asset.
September 2018 was the time when Mark Zuckeberk was in a bad position, because it was reported that Facebook had been hacked and 50 million user data leaked. This news had become viral, and it certainly threatened the existence of Facebook itself.
The existence of IOVO is needed to protect our data from the rigors of the online business world. We as small people may not be able to do big things, but big companies will not be able to do big things if there are no small people. IOVO is the right solution for those of us who want to secure our data with the help of blockchain technology.

“IOVO is here to secure and give back the personal ownership and control over one’s data, as well as the freedom to monetise it. Because data ownership is XXI century freedom.”

IOVO Token Sale Event

Token Sale is an event selling new utility tokens to provide an opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to contribute in providing financial support. Token Sale raises funds by selling new tokens that later this token can be used for the purpose of purchasing products or services offered from related projects. Generally token sale events are not regulated by the government, therefore, cryptocurrency investors must be careful in investing through token sale events.
IOVO Token is a utility token that will be used as the main currency, or the main transaction tool used by the IOVO platform. All users will need an IOVO Token to enjoy the services provided by IOVO. A total of 1 billion IOVO Tokens will be created. IOVO Tokens will be distributed through private sale and public sale. Where the allocation for IOVO Token sales is 40%. For the initial phase, IOVO will be released through the Ethereum network, which is in the form of an ERC20 token. However, in Q4 2019, it is likely that you will be able to save the IOVO Token on IOVO Wallet. And it is estimated that in Q4 2019, the IOVO platform will be ready to release a product and the entire IOVO Token holder will get an IOVO Coin which is the official currency of the more perfect IOVO platform.
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