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Human life can not be separated from technology and IOT devices. Each device consists of several very important basic components, including CPU, memory and IP. CPU is used to process data, memory allows high transfer speed. And IP is usually used for browsing anonymously, safely, and free of limitations or blocking by the government. TOR is a project that has applied the same business model. But TOR still has shortcomings, such as speed, liabilities, no revenue, and so forth.

Introducing : IPSX (IP Sharing Exchange)

IPSX is a global marketplace that enables true decentralized IP exchanges. IPSX uses Smart Contract to simplify transactions. From now on, IPSX will replace the centralized IP marketplace toward a fully decentralized system. System on IPSX will run automatically. The combination of flexible tools, SDKs and APIs will keep entrepreneurs and developers in a fully decentralized safe environment. IPSX also allows application developers to create new applications over their respective IPs such as VPN, Data Mining software, web crawling bots, micro tasks and so on. In addition to distributed storage and processing tools, IPSX creates a distributed network layer, an important component for the next stage of the web.
Users can share IPs from their respective devices to get IPSX Token as a reward. As a client, users can also enjoy the use of IP related ranging from the duration of 5 seconds to several months. In the future, IPSX will form a marketplace and framework that allows businesses and service providers to create custom applications with the help of SDK and API.

Blockchain & Decentralized

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which allows everyone to access data stored on blockchain. Blockchain technology continues to evolve, along with the needs of society. Adoption of blockchain at all levels of society, makes cryptocurrency famous. The main characteristic of blockchain is being able to store data without being able to be changed by anyone. In addition, blockchain can also store valid data for a lifetime.
Decentralized meaning, there is no central agency that can falsify data in blockchain. All data will be transparent, starting from sender, recipient, data type, transaction time and detail details of other transactions related to data.

IPSX As a Solution

Some problems arising on traditional platforms, causing IPSX to be the solution to the problem. If we look, here are some of the problems:
  • Very lags, in the absence of a reward system for distributing IPs
  • There is no internal economy
  • Liabilities, you do not know, is used for whatever IP you share
  • Limited IP Numbers from geolocations
  • Unfair payments
With some of the main problems that exist, then IPSX will provide solutions as follows

  • Integrate cross platform clients
  • Create a marketplace where the request will meet the offer for IP services
  • Sharing / renting IPs using custom filters time frame / price / GeoLocation / protocol
  • Manage micropayments using ETH protocols and smart contracts
  • Record all “transactions” (IP shares owner/ client) in the blockchain

Product Features from IPSX

  • Decentralized

Blockchain based fully automated and decentralized system, with full clearing of coins associating the price and distribution based on offer and demand for IPs.
  • Privacy and Security

Improved privacy and security and also bypass censorship or other restrictions by accessing in real time IPs from all around the world, and use them for short period of times as 5 seconds to a whole month.
  • Internal Economy

You will be able to share your device’s IP address or as a DataCenter to share a full range of unused IPs to win real-time FIAT exchangeable IPSX tokens in a safe way (all connections will be logged in the blockchain).
  • Advanced Integration

SDK and API integration: as a VPN provider you will be able to integrate your system with our SDK to let your clients choose from millions of IPs from all around the world.

Informasi Token dan Token Sale

IPSX is a utility token that will be used for various transactions among actors inside the IPSX ecosystem. Also, it will be used as governance when the framework for building new applications will be launched in the later stages of the IPSX project implementation (check whitepaper for details)
Token Sale is a fundraising period for establishing or developing an existing platform through the way token sales. IPSX held a fundraising to realize the solution in overcoming the existing problems while providing an opportunity for supporters to be able to contribute in the development of IPSX platform.
Here is the information you can know if you want to support IPSX platform to stand up:
  • Token Symbol : IPSX
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Token Price : 1 ETH = 70,588.23529 IPSX
  • Total Supply : 1,800,000,000 IPSX
  • Token For Sale : 303,529,411.8 IPSX
  • Token Sale Hard Cap: 10,800 ETH
  • Restrictions : China, Taiwan & US/Canada participants are not eligible
  • Token Sale : February, 28 2018 – March, 5 2018
  • Accepting : ETH
  • Contribution page : https://ip.sx/


IPSX – a decentralized exchange for sharing IPs and a framework for building applications, on top of the existing IPs shared by the community members and data centers.
A smart contract based, blockchain protocols and utility token incentivized mechanism of sharing IPs among actors from all over the world and a framework to build applications that require IPs built in a reliable and open source environment.

Team behind IPSX


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