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There are so many problems that arise suddenly to people in need of quick treatment. Most of their problems are not resolved, because maybe people people do not know that there is a problem around them. And this keeps repeating with different problems. Someone needs help over criminal events such as pickpocketing, theft, harassment, beatings, and so forth. The main problem is, the people around do not know that the problem is happening. So no help will come. Actually there are some companies and platforms that are trying to handle this kind of thing, but they still use the centralized system and still have some shortcomings to be addressed.

Introducing ENLTE

ENLTE is a pronoun of Enlight, which is a decentralized social network platform that enables one to solve problems around them based on geolocation technology. ENLTE is a blockchain-based decentralized platform to introduce to the public what that transparency means. ENLTE allows all users to get prizes of tokens that can be redeemed for ETH or BTC, for their awareness in helping people in need of help. ENLITE provides solutions to a person without having to require the help of a centralized company.
The rating system is used on the ENLTE platform to enable one to measure the level of trust in a person. All users, can build their reputation by providing valid services or can also with a friendly service. Any rating given by someone to another person, must be through blockchain so that all data detail can be confirmed its validity and originality. Former blockchains can also counteract the fake rating that often occurs on platforms that adopt a rating system. ENLTE ensures the adopted rating system will be more secure and matches the true reputation of a user. A negative rating causes a user to gain low trust from other users. Conversely with a high rating, one can gain trust and loyalty from other users for mutual respect.
ENLTE adopts the geolocation feature with the latest technology, to facilitate other users with a very accurate location level. With this technology, everyone can more easily find people who need help quickly. Someone will be visible to other users at a radius of 1KM to 10000KM (based on app) for what content they share or what help they need.
To make digital life and social network easier, there are several dimensions that are the main focus of the ENLTE platform. By having a character as a location-based social platform, then the important things that can be used as a reference to facilitate its users is keyword, location-based network and social connections.

Feature features available on ENLTE

Some features that make ENLTE more useful for its users include the following:

Nearby Experience

Surely we know with the Google Maps app, which can be used by someone in navigating from one place to another and also know the details of the data from the navigation that is running on the Google database. While the database from ENLTE is available and can already be used now. One can use ENLTE to view feeds or recent news from a person with a radius of 1 to 10000 KM worldwide. ENLTE is the solution to solve the problem on the nearest location, so there will not be any random network that enters the user application. The advantage of using an easily manageable network is that small network settings increase the accuracy and speed of a person in responding to a problem.

Realtime Update

Users can receive notifications in Realtime from a review shared by the nearest person based on GPS point. That way, someone can help other users to solve the problem.

Small World Internet & Anonymous

With the coverage of a narrow area, this of course makes everyone who joined in ENLTE users to be closer. ENLTE allows people to share anonymous messages. All user privacy will be safe and secure. You do not have to worry about other people’s judgment of you. You will feel protected by the identity of “Anonymous”.

Be a Superhero

By helping other fellow users, of course you will be a hero to the people around you. Do not rule out someone with the opposite sex will feel helped by your habits and could be he was interested to love you. Because, the attitude of women will feel comfortable if he feels useful in this world and feel comfortable with someone who always interact with him.

Token and Token Sale Information

ENLTE releases an ENLTE token that is used as an internal currency that can be used to pay for products and services offered using the ENLTE application. This token can be obtained in the Token Sale period held by the ENLTE platform directly. The sale of this ENLTE Token is for the growth needs of the platform to meet the facility.
Some information you may note if you want to contribute in ENLTE Token Sale is as follows:
  • Token Symbol: ENLTE
  • Token Price: 0.016 USD / Token
  • Platform: ENLTE Platform
  • Minimum Investment: 1600 USD
  • Hardcap: 1,000,000,000 Token
  • Softcap: 500,000,000 Tokens
  • Pre ICO: February 15, 2018 – March 15, 2018
  • Contributed page:


ENLTE is a platform that allows people to help each other in return for ENLTE tokens. By implementing geolocation technology, then people who interact will be closer and faster in the activity. Blockchain helps ENLTE become a truly transparent platform. Therefore, ENLTE will become a more useful platform for the public and all walks of life.

The team behind the project

In a project, Team is the main component that should be able to uphold the spirit of cooperation one goal. A solid team will certainly be able to bring the project to success.

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