Manage Your Own Farmland With Demeter ICO

Manage Your Own Farmland With Demeter ICO
Modern lifestyle causes some people do not to pay attention to their health. In fact, in this life, we must be able to keep balancing between activity, lifestyle and health. Healthy living is now hard to find in big cities like Jakarta and New York. The constraint is the absence of land that can be used by the community for gardening. All land is full of buildings and houses. Buying vegetables in the minimarket is very expensive, even almost 5 times the price of farmers. This is all because of a retail company that is not pro people. How long do we have to let these retailers continue to dominate farmers and consumer markets?

Introducing : Demeter

Demeter is a decentralized platform in the world that offers plantation ecosystems from farmers to consumers. Consumers here mean people who are crises to healthy living and want a solution to their problems. Demeter will make sure all users involved in the platform will get fair treatment. With a demeter, a man can rent a farmer’s land and pay farmers to take care of fruits or vegetables. Then I can also give orders about fertilizing, watering, fruit picking, watering, harvesting until the delivery of fruit or vegetables. So, Demeter is like a liaison between a person who needs farmland and the farming community itself.
If managing farmland is too complicated for you, you can buy or order certain fruits or vegetables directly to farmers. You can choose what, how, and when your product will be delivered to your location. Farmers will also be easy in marketing their products. The Demeter platform will connect and help you connect with farmers.
Demeter has a good purpose as a direct liaison between farmers and consumers and say “Goodbye middle man”. Middle man, has been buying farmers harvests at low prices, then sell them to consumers at very expensive prices. It would be unfair to just distribute the goods and he would benefit greatly. Though we know, that farmers every day fight with heat and rain to care for plants, but oppressed by the cruel middle man. And as we know, the price of fruit in supermarkets reaches 5 times the price of farmers.
Demeter ICO also uses blockchain technology, so all transactions that occur on the Demeter platform will be recorded in a ledger or journal, and the data will not be changed by anyone and will be diblockchain forever. This tx hash will be used as a proof of transaction publicly.

Demeter ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an invitation to the public to attend a fund raising event by selling certain tokens. The token sold usually has a special utility according to the service provided by the token maker’s platform. Funding results from crowd funding will be used to establish or develop from the project or start-up related.
Demeter is holding  ICO to provide an opportunity for supporters of the Demeter platform. Demeter ICO will sells tokens that will later be used as a means of payment services on the Demeter platform. Some information about Demeter ICO that you must note is as follows:
Token Symbol : DMT
Total supply : 200,000,000 DMT
Accepted Currencies : Ethereum (ETH)
Minimum contribution : 0.1 ETH
Exchange Rate : 1 ETH = 2300 DMT
ICO Start : 18 November 2017
ICO End : 18 December 2017
You can participate in Demeter ICO by visiting Remember, all investment decisions are absolutely your responsibility.


Mass adoption of technology globally, making a village into a cities. Everyone is engaged in an unhealthy environment and there is no balance between lifestyle and health. On the other hand, a farmer struggling to grow and care for vegetables and fruits is not appreciated by the middle man who bargain himself bargain. We must revolutionize this world system, everyone must be aware of health.
Demeter will be the solution for all those who do not have the time to take care of the farm. Land rental systems and farmers will be present on the Demeter ICO platform. To establish this platform, Demeter ICO needs the help of investors and the cryptocurrency community to participate in supporting the Demeter Platform by contributing to the Demeter ICO event.
Demeter ICO sells DMT tokens that will later be used as a means of payment on the Demeter platform. DMT is an official token of Demeter based on Ethereum ERC20, so to keep it, the user must have a compatible wallet with an ERC20 token such as Mist, Parity, MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

Demeter ICO Teams

The team is the most influential on the success of a project, so we must know the background and experience of a team that later can be used as our investment parameters. For more details on the full profile of the ICO Demeter Team, you can visit

Demeter ICO Useful Links

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