Mascara Meaning TikTok: Latest Trend TikTok 2023

By | January 24, 2023

Mascara meaning TikTok: latest trend TikTok 2023 – There are many trends and challenges that occur on social media, one of which is TikTok, which triggers the participation of users to follow it.

The existence of this trend causes and causes effects – the effects that occur both positive and negative. And the latest that has recently become a topic of conversation among netizens is the Mascara trend.

From its name, this trend is more synonymous with a beauty term where mascara is one of the women’s beauty tools to make up, beautify and beautify the eyes.

However, from the many people who follow this trend, it turns out that this challenge is not a beauty mascara, but a trend that no one has actually explained yet.

Apart from the mascara trend, there are other names for this trend. One of them is the Mascara wand, which means a mascara wand. But the meaning of the trend is not like that, but has its own meaning which Iconews will review below.

Mascara Meaning TikTok

Knowing what the Mascara trend is, maybe what comes to your mind is a liquid that is rubbed on the eyelashes to beautify them. But it turns out, the meaning of Mascara which is currently a trend is not something like that.

The meaning of Mascara on TikTok is something related to a partner. It can be said as a term for someone whether it’s a friend, boyfriend, or ex who has a previous relationship.

This Mascara Trend tells more about their innocent relationship and there is no activity regarding their intimate parts. Romantic relationships have been intertwined into history that will not be forgotten to make something to be coded as such as “Mascara”.

Like the videos that have been uploaded by several TikTok accounts that explain the relationship with the mascaras. In each part of the video, how the story is explained with a text that continues to appear in that part of the video.

Mascara Wand Meaning TikTok

Then what does the mascara trend tiktok mean with the mascara wand trend? This trend is exactly the same as the one above, but the purpose of this mascara wand is more about the relationship that has been established with the activities that occur between the two partners.

The Mascara Wand TikTok trend is a trend for making videos that tell about ex-boyfriends or friends who already have a special relationship.

“Mascara” in this trend refers to people who have been in a relationship or are friends with the person who uploaded the TikTok video. While “Wand” or stick, the meaning refers to the sex or stem referred to in the video.

Many TikTok users use the hashtag #MascaraTrend which often features TikTok users with text captions on the video. The text caption describes a past relationship with their “Mascara Wand”.

In other words, the mascara trend is more about past stories that are more innocent with relationships, while the mascara wand trend is more about past stories with partners who have hot, sexual relationships.

In other words, the designation of Mascara trend is another term to refer to couples such as love, Beib and so on who have had relationships in the past.

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