Opiria Allows You to Monetize Data to Get PDATA Tokens

By | March 13, 2018

Opiria is a decentralized data market for Internet users who want justice in the current data distribution scheme.
This 21st century, all the technology sector is growing very rapidly. To master the market in a business, a person is in need of a big data, which this data is obtained with the help of internet. User data is needed to know the market potential and human desire. With accurate data, an entrepreneur will have what product view the community wants. Thus, successful entrepreneurs utilizing big data, will dominate the market. However, this kind of industry does not provide benefits to society, because the data of society is used without a penny. The public needs justice over the issue of data distribution.

Introducing Opiria

Opiria is a decentralized data market for Internet users who want justice in the current data distribution scheme. PDATA Token is the most important part of the Opiria platform. Opiria uses a PDATA Token which is the official token that will be the primary currency in every transaction that takes place on the platform. Opiria allows internet users to be able to sell and buy data safely and easily. The transaction process will happen directly, without any third party. That way, the cost will be cheaper and more effective.
Internet users, can now earn passive income from selling data to companies that need it. With the help of Smart Contract and blockchain, all transactions that occur will be more simple and not expensive. Smart Contracts can also replace third-party positions that have been taking huge profits in a data transaction. Opiria will be the largest marketplace that connects all users in the world to be able to transact data directly.
Opiria allows all data owners to control their data. A person can also know, their data will be used by which company. Opiria, encrypts user data, so it can be sure all data stored on blockchain, nobody can access except the owner of the data itself as well as the buyer who allowed by the owner of the data.
Smart Contract & Blockchain
Smart Contract is an element that will exist on the Opiria platform. How Smart Contract works is a command will be automatically executed when some predefined conditions are met. So the system works almost like an escrow, but Smart Contract is more automated. Blockchain is a distributed ledger, in which all elements of society can access data stored on blockchain without any obstacles. Blockchain is very transparent, and also data data stored in blockchain, is immutable. Very unlikely, someone will cheat on a platform that adopts Blockchain technology.

Operations and Functions of the Opiria Platform

Some actions or steps taken by the team and developers for the Opiria platform to be a global top platform are as follows.

Strategy improves user database

To get the data in large numbers, then there will be some steps that must be taken so that the data received is valid data. Invitations will be the first step that the platform will take, because by inviting a user, their data will be more clear to their use because of the previous explanation. Then, the Opiria platform will also hold an airdrop event with the requirement to fill in the data for everyone who wants to get free coins. Refferal system, is an effective system to implement on Opiria platform. Someone will get recommendations from users and feel interested. Then the last is marketing in social media.

Motivation to Consumers to Register

Motivate people to join as users is to get as much personal data as possible. Someone will probably be given a bonus in the form of a PDATA Token that is used to motivate its users. Users who register will be facilitated in all the registration process so that he does not feel bored and always the spirit in providing data on the platform. Because the data can be in monetization.

Registration Process

A user who wishes to register as a member and join the Opiria Platform ecosystem, can register easily with Smart Phone or website. Each person will be given a survey question to determine the demographic condition of each user, in addition users will also be provided additional questions to dig deeper information about their personal data respectively.

Data Exchange

Data owners, allowing their data to be swapped with Token PDATA. PDATA Token will be available on the cryptocurrency exchange, so it can be converted into FIAT and used to buy real goods. A globally decentralized marketplace, the best marketplace, all users will have a high sense of confidence when they transact on a platform that adopts blockchain technology. The process of data exchange, will be more transparent, but the outstanding data will remain encrypted in order to maintain security. Data users will pay a fee amount to the data owner, and the owner of the data, knowing the purpose of purchasing the data.


PDATA will be available for FIAT currency exchange on the exchangers working with the PDATA platform. A user can redeem their PDATA Token into FIAT then for use in buying goods or food in the real world. For companies that want to buy products and services on the Opiria Platform, they must buy PDATA on an exchanger that works with Opiria as well.

PDATA Token and Token Sale Information

PDATA Token (Personal Data Token) is a major element of the Opiria platform used for transaction media. Token Sale is a fundraising process organized by a particular platform in order to find capital in shaping, developing and growing related platforms. PDATA Token sale is an event to seek support for cryptocurrency communities to build the Opiria platform. Information for those of you who want to contribute in PDATA Token sale is as follows:
  • Token Symbol: PDATA
  • Pre Sale Period: April, 10 2018 – April, 20 2018
  • Token Sale Period: April, 21 2018 – May, 21 2018
  • Platform: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Total supply: 750,000,000 PDATA
  • Token for sale: 450,000,000 PDATA
  • Token price: 0.1 USD
  • Contribution page: https://opiria.io


Lack of transparency of data distribution, causing some data owners to feel disadvantaged. Opiria and PDATA will be the solution for everyone who wants freedom in data control. Blockchain is becoming a technology that is being widely adopted to create a decentralized platform. With the blockchain, all transactions will become more transparent and certainly anti-fraud.

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The team behind Opiria Platform

Opiria is a decentralized data market for Internet users who want justice in the current data distribution scheme.


Opiria is a decentralized data market for Internet users who want justice in the current data distribution scheme.

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