Rubius: The Best Quality Product as a Future Solution for Cryptocurrency

By | September 7, 2018

Rubius is a financial software developer with a futuristic concept and also relies on blockchain technology as the main support.
The high level of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, makes many developers start to use conditions like this to provide convenience solutions for all cryptocurrency communities. But the majority of these new developers, they cannot make the perfect solution, so that project expectations are not in line with reality. For now, the big problem faced by the cryptocurrency community is that the value of cryptocurrency is very volatile, so it cannot be used as a daily transaction tool and another problem is that there is no adequate equipment to be used by the cryptocurrency community. In addition, various solutions that come, always have very bad quality, so the problem cannot be resolved.

Rubius Inc: Solution to our needs

Rubius is a financial software developer with a futuristic concept and also relies on blockchain technology as the main support. Rubius also uses cryptocurrency as part of the ecosystem, so developers are more creative in developing platform platforms that are products of Rubius Inc.
Rubius will offer three main products, where three of these products will be the basis of all products that will be developed. That is RUBY, a cryptocurrency currency which is an internal transaction tool on the Rubius platform. Then there is Aryl, which is an application that makes it easy for its users to make payments and the last is Rubiex, which is the best place to exchange cryptocurrency with the latest technology.

Uniqueness of Aryl as a Versatile Wallet

Rubius is a financial software developer with a futuristic concept and also relies on blockchain technology as the main support.
Remember the main purpose of Rubius? That is to become a High Quality service provider platform, where Aryl here is a cryptocurrency wallet, but not an ordinary wallet. Aryl was designed to be able to eliminate the risk of using cryptocurrency such as very significant price fluctuations with the Aryl Volatility Shield feature. Of course with this feature, everyone will not feel afraid anymore in conducting cryptocurrency transactions. Where this feature is the first in the world and Aryl Volatility Shield is expected to be launched as soon as possible.

Rubiex is the United States version of Binance

Yes, Rubiex will become a United States exchanger which uses Rubius Coin, as a tool to pay a cheaper fee. There will be many cryptocurrency that will be available at Rubiex to help crypto communities who want to start learning to make money through cryptocurrency. Rubius Coin itself is a token that is generated from the Ethereum network with the ERC-20 type. In the future Rubiex will grow into a Multi Asset Trading Exchange, where stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and others will be available and can be exchanged through Rubiex. Like the concept of All in One exchange.


RUBY Coin is a token that will be very useful to be used as a transaction tool for services that will be available. With RUBY Coin, you will be able to transact through POS (Point Of Sale) machines to buy coffee or pay for food in restaurants that use technology from Rubius on the cash register. In addition, by buying RUBY Coin at the time of the ICO, it’s the same as you support Rubius’s project as an investor.
Rubius ICO is a RUBYs Token sales event to public investors for the purpose of completing the project from Rubius, namely Aryl and Rubiex. Support from the cryptocurrency community is needed to eliminate bad performance from banks. If you want to buy RUBY Coin, then you can visit for more information. You must prepare Ethereum (ETH) to be able to participate in Rubius ICO. For the price of 1 ETH, you will get 7000 RUBY Coin, not including bonus. The bonus for the first and second week is 25%, the bonus for the third and fourth weeks is 18%, and the bonus for the last week is 10%. Please register to get access to the token sale page

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