SEYBLOCK Solution Scalability And Transaction Speed

By | January 11, 2019

The problem of blockchain transaction scalability has been present since bitcoin was created. Transactions on each block on bitcoin are limited to a megabyte size of 1 megabyte. Likewise with the ethereum blockchain which depends on the nodes that each store the entire ethereum transaction history. Obviously this is a complicated task because the total number of transactions increases per 10 seconds when there is a new block. In addition to scalability issues, there are also problems with speed in bitcoin and ethereum. This requires faster transaction verification and processing to make blockchain and businesses that depend on technology can be scaled and sustainable.

Seyblock Solution Scalability And Transaction Speed

Vision Seyblockto provide the best Escrow service to prevent fraud and provide the best service to users. The team chose Stellar to launch Seyblock because Ethereum also has many problems related to Scalability. Seyblock applies Stellar Lumens technology to make it easier for users to move digital assets around the world quickly, reliably and apply the true vision of the creation of the blockchain. A conservative estimate of the seyblock processing rate is 1000 operations per second.

By using the Stellar network it is believed that Seyblock will make transactions quickly. Stellar recorded the fastest transaction for around 2-5 seconds. Seyblockconnects with various banks throughout the world so there is no need to worry about double transaction and expenditure issues.

Seyblock Platform

Escrow Service

Seyblock Provides users of the escrow system. Where users can easily trade with someone to exchange coins / tokens and products that make it safe from fraudsters. This platform is really based on star blockchain and linked APIs. The team is currently working on the Coinmarketcap API to link it to the Seyblock platform. So basically it will be released in Q1 2019.

Anonymous Transactions

Option That Can Be Tracked
Seyblock allows users to trade with someone with an escrow system or illegal issues. So, the user can activate options that can be tracked so that the platform can track the transaction from the recipient and the sender so that tomorrow the Team can provide information about the trade.
Anonymous Transactions
This is based on general transactions that are like every crypto currency. This will hide information from the recipient and sender. Users can see whether or not to explore the link of the transaction. It’s basically like Bitcoin and Stellar lumens.

News Platform

On the news platform, Seyblock allows authors to include quality news about crypto and local news. That people can link to the actual news what they want and avoid false news.This will be a decentralized news platform. That no one will know who the author is and who the viewer is. You can hire writers as anonymous like Bitcointalk Services.

Distributed Exchange

In addition to supporting the issuance and movement of assets,the Stellar network also acts as a decentralized distributed exchange of all types of assets that people have added to the network. Its second store ledger balances owned by the user account and offers who create user accounts to buy or sell assets

Public Purse

Seyblock believes in the need of transparency and confidence in the global network so Seyblockprovide wallet. One with 20,800,000 coins for the community sold tokens, one with one hundred thousand coins for airdrop and fiDompetnal with one hundred thousand coins for development purposes.

Token Seyblock

Token Token will be available through and the decentralized Stellar exchange
Seyblock may not be conducting an ICO. The Seyblock Token will immediately exchange on the exchange, with the existing time the team will develop new services and new platforms.
Team: 6% token.
Development: 17%
Airdrops and gift: 33%
TokensTokens, Sales Tokens on the Exchange: 44% Tokens




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