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For those of you website owners or online stores, have you ever thought of other ways to expand your audience with cheap? I am very sure, the answer is yes. Social media users in this world are 3 billion people and 10% of that number, very active in social media with their friends. Instagram and Facebook is the biggest market that is suitable for promotional media. And now more and more artists who endorse products on social media for marketing purposes. Here the role of influencers also influential in the business world.

Introducing: Sharpay

Sharpay is a platform that allows someone who is active in social media can earn money in the form of cryptocurrency just by pressing the Share button. This simple job, of course very easy to do by anyone and anywhere. Only websites that work with Sharpay alone will pay users to share on social media platforms. A large enough social media user, enabling a website that integrates Sharpay to become more popular and get more audience.
Sharpay’s unique technology that connects blockchain and Share buttons, is the best and latest innovation in the digital world today. A website, only need to display the Share button alone on its website page to be pressed by visitors who want to earn money. To avoid fraud that often occurs in the digital world, the system has been protected and supported with advanced technology that will cope with the cheats. Sharpay can control the antibot and also will only pay users for the number of clicks earned. Users can share on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, VK, Telegram, Reddit and Tumblr.
Sharpay will also have an amazing effect on a website. Traffic and visitors will rise dramatically with the help of netizens who are active in social media. For people who sell products and integrate Sharepay, they will also get more buyers than usual. Big profits with cheap pay will surely be a plus for everyone who is talented in the world of Internet Marketer (IM). It’s no secret, that the web with many visitors will allow website owners to monetize the content they provide such as advertising, refferal, Google Adsense, promotional applications and so forth.
Sharpay integrates blockchain technology as a back-and-forth technology. Blockchain is a distributed ledger where all data stored on a blockchain can be tracked by anyone via the internet and some keywords. Blockchain technology offers a transparent transaction system, where no data can be hidden or audited in secret. All data will be clearly visible and completely transparent. Blockchain technology is predicted to be a compulsory technology owned by all business systems in the future.

Interesting Features of Sharpay

Sharpay comes with offers some convenience and excellence from competitors. I’m sure, Sharpay will be the next big thing in the next few periods. Some interesting features that will be very useful for the development and growth of ecosystems include:
  • Easy Integration: Sharpay multisharing button, can be easily integrated on open websites to integrate third-party APIs. That is, millions of websites will easily install Sharpay buttons in less than 30 minutes.

  • Built-in Targeting: A website that integrates the Sharpay key, can choose a suitable audience to be paid for doing multisharing. That is, the website could only pay audiences that meet the criteria only.

  • Social Capital: The system from Sharpay will automatically group users based on the intensity of activity in social media. This grouping will be differentiated by the specified rank. Higher ranking users, allowing for bigger prizes.

  • Anti-Fraud: To avoid fraud from users from bot and cheating in advertising, the Sharpay platform defines a unique policy by limiting user earnings to normal limits, possibly per day or per week or per month.

  • Easy to user: Users will be easier when they want to multisharing content to social media platform. User interface that is easy to understand of course makes a beginner will be easy to share.

Author opinion 

In my opinion, Sharpay is very good and very useful for the entire ecosystem of the internet world. A website owner can get visitors and may be able to get more subscribers than usual. By having a busy website, then the potential to monetize the website will be easier. While users who do Sharing can now get paid in the form of cryptocurrency. Users can share useful content on the Facebook homepage, or on the twitter timeline, or share it to Telegram or other social media platforms. This mutual relationship, of course, will become a catalyst of the Internet world to grow and grow for the better. I really like the business model like this, because it is very useful.

SHRP Tokens and Token Sale Information

SHRP Token is a token official from Sharpay that was released to meet the needs of internal transactions on the Sharpay platform. You can get a Token SHRP by participating in a token sale event held directly by the developers and teams of the Sharpay platform.
SHRP Token Sale is a fundraising event to give investors an opportunity from the cryptocurrency community to provide support for the Sarpay platform. The Token SHRP is sold with the aim of raising capital to develop and grow the Sharpay platform. Currently SHRP Token is type ERC20 and based on Ethereum platform. However, in the future, the Sharpay platform will have a personal blockchain by forking on Bitshares. Income from the platform will be used to buy the token at the normal price of ICO.

Here is the token sale information:

  • Token Symbol: SHRP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token Sale Period: March 1, 2018 – May 31, 2018 (token sale stops when all SHRP is sold)
  • Token Price : 1 SHRP = 0.00003 ETH
  • Accepting : ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH
  • Minimum investment : 0.1 ETH
  • Softcap : 3,000,000 USD
  • Hardcap : 45,000 ETH
  • Associated Exchange : Yobit (
  • Token for Sale : 1,500,000,000 SHRP
  • Contribution page :

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