The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace

By | November 12, 2017
MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD
Who is the internet giant today? The answer is Google. Search engine technology founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brinn has recorded 75 billion USD or equivalent to 987 trillion IDR at the end of 2016 last year. But there are still many people asking about “Where did the money come from?”. Simply, Google’s biggest revenue is from the advertising sector. They use user data for the purposes of Advertising, Product Development and Business Insights. Google has a tool to record all activity from its users, then store it in data silos or Big Data Storage. Then our data in the Google Big Data Storage will be sold to data buyer or consumer data which will be used according to their respective interests. I think this is unfair, because the data is ours but we get nothing.

Introducing the Measurable Data Token (MDT)

Measurable Data Token is a blockchain based platform that connects users, data providers and data buyers and denominates the value of the data. MDT implements Ethereum Blockchain technology which ensures the user’s security in every transaction. MDT allows all users to have full control over their data. Unlike on Google or Facebook, users on the MDT platform will earn money when their data is used or sold to buyers data / data consumer. In addition users also have full control over their data. That is, their data will only be sold if they meet the parameters they set themselves before.
With this kind of data circulation, all parties involved, including Data Provider, Data Buyer / Consumer Data, User and MDT Platform will be able to work together and gain a fair profit.
Previously there was also a similar project with MDT, namely Datum and Flare. But what distinguishes MDT with other platforms? Is that MDT provides the Open Messenger facility that platform ecosystems can interact with easily. Also, all user data will be stored and encrypted by the Data Provider. That way, all transactions will be transparent and the Data Buyer will get the right target data.

Next Generation Data Exchange

MDT uses blockchain technology and also transforms Traditional Exchange data systems by engaging users into the ecosystem. Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a Ethereum-based Token which is the main component of the platform with its brother the Smart Contract which is also stored in Ethereum Blockchain. In addition, with the support of decentralized technology, the entities incorporated in the platform will be as below
MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD

Measurable Data SDK

Open source and free SDKs offered by the MDT ecosystem for data providers or developers to use. The SDK includes a wallet address that users can use to manage their gift revenues from the MDT ecosystem.

Data Provider

Entities capable of collecting user data, and utilizing the MDT ecosystem to exchange data and rewards for users.


End users who choose the MDT ecosystem and share their unrecognized anonymous data and will receive revenue from the MDT Ecosystem.

Data buyer

Entities that purchase data usage rights during an exchange. This could mean accessing the database, or buying large data reports offered by the data provider. Buying data in the current MDT ecosystem requires no ownership of purchase data.

Measurable Data Point

Each data point is called in a transaction, with a verifiable economic value in the MDT ecosystem.

Measurable Platform

Decentralized data exchange platform where all transactions are based on Smart Contract technology. Initially the scalable platform will be managed by the MDT foundation and will charge the calculation fee of each transaction, however, over time, it will be purely based on Smart Contract technology.
MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD

Benefits of the Measurable Data Tokens (MDT) Ecosystem 

With the latest technology, it will certainly offer some difference from traditional technology.

Integration of MDT in Open Messenger

Email is an open and universally used communication protocol. Open Messenger is a messenger application built on an open email protocol, which makes it a natural fit to adopt a decentralized solution. As an important element of both MDT ecosystems, Open Messenger is soon launched on iOS and Android first.

MDT User Growth Pool

Open Messenger will continue to develop features related to cryptocurrency to encourage users to join this new economy. Later MDT will enable the signature feature as an advertising banner which can be used as an alternative user to get MDT Token. Users can also send “VIP Mail” to spend the MDT they generate.
Another feature like this is in the pipeline, with the aim of engaging new users to the ecosystem at a low cost. The goal is also to enable users to earn MDT currency by providing value to ecosystems and communities through exchange of data, trade and service creation.

Advertise with Email Signature

Users are allowed to decide whether they want to participate in the Signature Campaign or not. If they opt in, they must choose the specific ad categories they want willing to include in their signature. For example, they may choose to include only “fashion” fashion advertisements or exclude all “e-commerce” ads.
Advertisers will pay per activation for all participating users. Open Messenger Platform will also charge a% fee to maintain this feature.

MDT Wallet

MDT implements Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, which is a common standard for issuing digital assets. Later the platform will have a private wallet to store the MDT token, because wallet is the most crucial part. The first MDT wallet will be built in the Open Messenger app. The platform is also open to a more user-friendly onboarding tutorial for cryptocurrency beginners.

VIP Mail

VIP Mail is an innovative function of Open Massager that facilitates efficient communication between major consumers and celebrities. This allows users to connect with professional celebrities or influencers that are usually difficult to reach while protecting recipients from spam. That is, all users can interact with influencers like celebrities or artists to exchange information.

MDT Foundation (MDT Foundation)

The MDT Foundation aims to be an independent and democratic governing body to create an open and decentralized ecosystem. The main function of the MDT Foundation is to support ecosystem partners and provide the necessary technology to ensure the platform evolves on an ongoing basis. To fulfill the mission, the foundation is responsible for:
– Supervise and support decisions related to ecosystem partners
– Support research on new ways to improve technology and governance in the ecosystem
– Fund and help develop open source codes for sustainable ecosystems

MDT Token Sale

The platform will sell as many as 500,000,000 MDT from 1 billion MDT for sale to the public. Of the total, the maximum achievement that can be achieved is 84000 ETH. While the minimum target for the project can run is 25000 ETH. The normal price when Token Sale is 1 ETH = 5000 MDT, but early investors will get a special price. In the Pre-Sale event MDT token is sold at a rate of 1 ETH = 7500 MDT, while for Early Bird the price is for 1 ETH = 6250 MDT. The token sale period will last for 30 days.
MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD


MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD


MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD

MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD

MDT ICO, The Next Generation of Data Exchange Marketplace. ICO Period is TBD

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