UAHPAY – Revolutionize the Cryptobank with many features

By | October 18, 2017

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UAHPAY ICO Revolutionize the Cryptobank with many features
As we know, cryptocurrency is now becoming popular among the public. Digital currencies have the potential to revolutionize the current financial system. Evidenced by the rise of bitcoin prices from year to year because it is a high market demand. Some countries have legalized Bictoin to transactions, some also forbid transactions to replace the country’s currency and there are also countries that reject Bitcoin.
The circulation of cryptocurrency is unstoppable. Most people fit perfectly with the features of blockchain technology. Now also present UAHPAY which is a cryptobank located in Ukraine. UAHPAY is an ecosystem where users can sell and buy cryptocurrency with fiat, save cryptocurrency, apply cryptocurrency loans and use UAHPAY Card that can be used for payment.
UAHPAY ICO Revolutionize the Cryptobank with many featuresUAHPAY also provides a peer to peer transfer facility that supports 55 cryptocurrencies at a time. Users will be charged 1% when using CoinPayments API. UAHPAY platform can also be accessed anywhere and anytime, because the available version of the website and also mobile applications in the Play Store and App Store. By implementing Blockchain technology, this allows UAHPAY to be transparent and fair, since all transaction history will be published and visible to everyone. That way, it will automatically prevent corrupt practices.
The UAHPAY platform also caters to someone who wants to hold an ICO event. The team can contribute to Regulate ICO Exchange Platform, Analytics & Audit, ICO Development, ICO Marketing and web analytics. Clients can also apply to consult about making SmartContract in Ethereum ERC20, audit and also consultation.
What distinguishes with conventional banks is UAHPAY has more features that can be utilized. UAHPAY Card can store 55 cryptocurrencies at once, including BTC and ETH and also, users can fill up top up through bank transfer, debit, credit, BTC and ETH. User is a top priority, where UAHPAY provides customer service that can help on 24/7. And also Global Banking will be easily accessed using Android Smartphone and iOS. As for its own country in Ukraine, UAHPAY will provide ATM machines which can be used to withdraw cash from the card owned by the customer.

Token UAH

Tokens sold during the ICO named UAH which is an extension of the Ukrainian Hryvnia. The token supply box will be based on Token Sale event in 22 October 2017. Pre-ICO UAHPAY has been successfully held  on September 22nd, on the 3rd or 25th of September and was a great success, the total achievement of 214.54 BTC & 1697.87 ETH . After the Pre-ICO is complete, UAHPAY also organizes ICO to implement the vision on the platform. Funds collected will be used for 25% development, 25% marketing, Government Licensing & Legislation 25%, Salary 15%, Card & FX Exchange 10%. The maximum target set is the sale of 1,000,000,000 UAHPay Tokens. For investors who want to join, can visit the website directly to get updated information about the project being done or if you want to get a response faster, can contact Customer Service at telegram more responsive at The good news that I can get is, the UAH token will be available at Major Exchangers which allows us to sell and buy UAH and its tetntunya to prove the luquidity of this UAH token.
UAHPAY ICO Revolutionize the Cryptobank with many features
UAHPAY is very serious in building a cryptobank project. The team took the initiative in collaboration with several global companies like Kiev International Economic Forum, Dentons, Master Card, EMC and CoinPayment.

Contact UAHPAY: +380 98 938 5907, +1 800 631 7079 Dniprovs’ka embankment 14A, Kyiv 02000,

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