Video Viral De Karely and Babo Vidoes

Video Viral De Karely and Babo Vidoes

Video Viral De Karely and Babo Vidoes – Being one of the people’s conversations is indeed an unnatural thing, moreover it is something that is not worth talking about.

And as happened to two influencers from Mexico who recently became a hot topic of conversation among netizens about themselves.

Netizens have made the contents of social media noisy by always asking what happened to Babo and also the viral De Karely while they were having fun enjoying hot news that was more interesting than that.

Then what exactly happened between the two artists that made social media around the world fuss and talk about them? Therefore, let’s take a good look at the reviews below because Iconnews will discuss it slowly and in detail.

Video Viral De Karely and Babo Videos Viral

Regarding the virality of the two topics above, it started with the circulation of a viral video belonging to Babo, who is the leader of the Cartel de Santa band from Mexico.

He has a special group with his fans where they can upload videos or photos to the group. The group is in the form of a website or media called Onlyfans.

Yes, as the name suggests, Onlyfans, this site can only be accessed by people who subscribe to be able to see their favorite artists in the form of photos or videos.

And unfortunately, regarding the onlyfans group from Babo, there was an information leak which made Babo’s hot videos spread widely to foreign countries through netizens who shared them on the Internet.

Suddenly, many celebrities and artists commented on this incident. One of them is a well-known model and also a famous celebgram who has many fans named Karely de Ruiz.

He was surprised by what happened to his friend who is also the owner of the Onlyfans account. “Look, the truth shocked me because I’ve never seen a member this big, neither did my babo friend and I said: ‘Mommy is killing me,’ said Karely Ruiz on her social media.

Not only Karely Ruiz, adult film star Mia Khalifa also commented on the leaked private video. It started when he mentioned that he likes Mexican music.

Mia Khalifa’s response was more to make fun of the vocalist of the band Cartel de Santa. However, this joke refers more to Babo drinking a can of four loco.

Video Viral de Babo

After the video was widely circulated on social media, starting from Twitter, Telegram, TikTok and also Reddit. The name Babo is now increasingly popular and famous, especially with the circulation of this hot video.

Yes, the video contains an intimate scene between Babo and a woman which he uploaded on his Onlyfans account. But what’s unfortunate is that videos that are only consumed by fans who subscribe instead spread to other social media.

What surprised him even more was the news that the hot video was made with a beautiful 22-year-old model named Karely Ruiz who had previously been invited by the Cartel de Santa vocalist. But he refused the invitation and said he was surprised.

He was later heavily criticized by Facebook users and then Karely Ruiz gave a response to allegations related to the rapper’s video.

“The same bitches that criticize me are those who insist on asking for Babo’s videos, what a madman,” Karely wrote on her Facebook account.

Other News Karely Ruiz Bailando

Another viral news regarding Karely Ruiz is “Karely Ruiz Bailando Viral Video” where the viral news is trending on TikTok.This is part of a trend that is currently popular.

Where in the video shows a woman who tells her husband that model Karely Ruiz has died, which model is the husband’s idol. Suddenly the video generated a lot of reactions from the audience.

This is a challenge shared on social media and has become a trend, where this trend makes jokes about the death of famous artists or celebrities and then records the reactions of fans when they hear the news.

Actually this trend is a type of humor that is considered cruel which harms those who may actually have been influenced by a favorite person when they lose the one they desire.

This trend is already well-known on social media, one of which is TikTok and especially Asian social media platforms, which have received a lot of criticism from users because they consider this trend unnecessary and also inhumane.

Despite the criticisms of this trend, one woman decided to get in on the trend by pranking her husband who happens to be a huge Karely Ruiz fan.

This video was uploaded by the account @luisyayis5 which is a couple from Mexico. The video shows a man sitting in a chair before being told about his fan’s alleged death.

While he was relaxing, suddenly his wife approached and whispered the news that her celebrity idol had died tragically due to an accident.

At first the man didn’t respond and was just stunned, but not intermittently his emotions began to respond and tears started to flow down his face.

In the end, the video managed to record the emotional reaction of a fan who received the news that his fans died tragically, even though it was just a mere joke that became a trend.

The Final Word

Maybe that’s all the reviews that Iconews can convey about viral de karely videos and de babo viral videos for all of you. Hopefully this review is useful for those of you who are curious and need this information.

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