Video Viral Khadija Case Story and Danish Sheikh

By | August 19, 2022 – Currently the viral video Khodija case story and Danish sheikh is still being sought by netizens, to find out the information, here’s the full review below.

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Video Viral Khadija Case Story and Danish Sheikh

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Khadija Case Story

Khadija is a girl who was kidnapped by her friend’s father, Sheikh Danish Ali. Danish Sheikh is the owner of the Best export company Rawalpindi.

Khadija was abused and tortured by Danish Sheikh’s family. Previously, Khadija was kidnapped by a friend of her friend’s father named Ana Ali for refusing his proposal.

Khadija also said that she was raped many times by Sheikh Danish. He was also physically, mentally, sexually assaulted and shaved his head. Well, here’s Khadija’s viral video

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