Video Viral Noida Woman

Video Viral Noida Woman

Iconewsmedia.comVideo viral Noida Woman maybe now it’s the topic of your search for all social media users. To get the information, see the review below.

Hello Iconews friends, see you again with the admin who will provide interesting information which is certainly a pity to miss. In this sophisticated era, it is easier to get any information with only the internet.

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Well, one of them is a viral video that is now being discussed by netizens on social media with the topic of the viral video noida woman.

Video Viral Noida Woman

Recently social media users are discussing a video of a woman molesting a gatekeeper or security guard at her residence. The woman acted inappropriately while uttering harsh words to the guards.

It is known that the incident took place in Gautham Bud Nagar near New Delhi whose incident has been recorded and spread widely on social media.

The woman who carried out inappropriate acts with her swearing name was Bavhya Rai. Then from the video it can be seen that he went to the police station in his own car with the police in it.

Information from various sources, that the police will confiscate his car. But he still insisted on driving his own car. Which by law, he should be taken down in a police car.

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Link Video Viral Noida Woman

For those of you who are curious about this viral video, don’t worry because the admin will share it below.

The link that the admin shared is a collection of several videos about the incident. Now to see the video, please copy the link that the admin will share below and search for it on Google

Or you can also watch the video footage where the woman is led by two women in uniform while walking.

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