Viral Chandigarh Video Leaked to MMS

By | September 18, 2022

Iconewsmedia.comViral Chandigarh video leaked to MMS which is now widely sought after by netizens, so you don’t miss the information, watch it to the end.

Hello Iconews friends, back again with the admin who will provide information about viral news in the world.

This time the admin will discuss a viral video originating from the country of Bollywood, namely India. Where the video is an indecent activity.

This information admin got from several media who said that there was a viral video that was leaked belonging to a student from a university in India.

Then what kind of video went viral that caused a commotion among social media users and also the internet around the world.

Viral Chandigarh Video Leaked to MMS

Recently social media is getting hot news about an unexpected incident for anyone who hears it. This is because it is inappropriate to go viral and spread because it displays indecent scandalous events so that it becomes a hunt for netizens who have dirty thoughts.

The video was recorded by someone and then the video was leaked and spread on the Internet and also MMS which caused a stir.

From the source that admin quoted, said that the local police where the incident took place in Punjab on Sunday.

They said that they only found one video of a perpetrator who is still under investigation in the Chandigarh University video leak case.

Mohali SSP Vivek Soni told a news conference when the incident caused great controversy and said they had only found one video of the accused.

The SSP confirmed DNA said no suicide attempt or death occurred in the viral video of a student being taken to an ambulance. He also said that a student was suffering from anxiety.

“The student said he only recorded his own video. And in our investigation as well, we found that there was one video. Electronic devices and cell phones have been confiscated and will be sent for forensic examination,” said the SSP.

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