Virtuse Exchange is the Best Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Virtuse Exchange is a next-generation exchange platform that allows users to be able to exchange cryptocurrency and their financial management, including shares.
Some of the major problems experienced by cryptocurrency exchangers are a valuable lesson for us as well as experience, that there is no system that has perfect security in this world. The growth of blockchain technology and also the development of cryptocurrency makes everyone more open in expressing creative ideas. Many developers are now starting to make project projects that aim to facilitate all human work in the future. Lots of new coins, also ensuring that the opportunity to do business in the cryptocurrency sector is very profitable.

Virtuse Exchange: Future Exchange Platform on the 300 trillion USD market

Virtuse Exchange is different from Binance, which uses BNB as its official token and only cryptocurrency is only available at Binance. Virtuse Exchange is a next-generation exchange platform that allows users to be able to exchange cryptocurrency and their financial management, including shares. This is very unique, because Virtuse combines traditional investment with a new digital asset ecosystem. So far there is no platform that has features like this, so Virtuse can be said to be the first.

One of the uniqueness of Virtuse Exchange is that it can combine features of Cryptocurrency Exchange such as Binance, Kraket, Bitmex, Bittrex etc, with Incumbent Exchange such as CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), ICE (Inter Continental Exchange), EUREX Exchange which moves on exchanges on assets real things like stocks, commodities, financial derivatives, and so on. This combination of both digital and tangible assets makes Virtuse participate in the 300 trillion USD business.

Cryptocurrency also holds tremendous business potential. Bitcoin was booming and viral at the end of 2017 which caused the price of BTC to penetrate All time high at 19k USD. Since then, lots of new coin coins have sprung up through the ICO or Token Sale, but not a few of these new coins have difficulty in the process of listing in exchange. All of that is because there are only a few exchange platforms available, and also they require developers to pay the platform at an expensive cost. Virtuse will be present to make it easier for developers to register coins by using VIRT Tokens as an effective payment tool. Virtuse will provide a display that is easy to understand and also easy to use.


DACT (Digital Asset Collateralized Token) is a core feature of this Virtuse platform. With the DACT, the Virtuse platform strives to connect cryptocurrency with real assets so that a coin with the best liquidity is formed. The easy analogy is, a token can be like a short cut of a principal asset, for example Gold, Oil, Carbon and so on as a backing of the token or coin. So someone can have Gold through buying certain coins which can certainly be accounted for by the Virtuse Exchange platform.
Whereas DAF (Digital Asset Fund) is a service in managing your digital assets to experts. They are the chosen people who are experienced in risk and ROI. Of course these experts will also use DACT as their portfolio for consumers.

VIRT Token Sale

Token Sale is an unregulated event from the government with the aim of providing an opportunity for investors to provide financial support to the project related to how to buy tokens. Whereas the VIRT Token is the official token from the Virtuse Exchange platform which has its own uses according to the services available on the Virtuse platform itself.
VIRT Tokens can be used to reduce transaction fees when you use services from the Virtuse Exchange platform. In addition, for people who have a VIRT Token, you are entitled to vote voting carried out by the platform. One of the advantages of being an investor in Virtuse Token Sale is that developers will buy back the tokens they sell using the profits from the business model they run. When the total supply is reduced by 50%, the developer will burn 50% of tokens from the total supply and allow the remaining 50% to be used by the community. This of course being a VIRT Token will be very rare and the price can go up.

VIRT Tokens are Ethereum-based tokens with type ERC20. The price for purchase when the Token Sale is 1 ETH = 8000 VIRT. Softcap or the minimum revenue limit for this platform to start running is 9500 ETH, while the maximum results from the VIRT Token sales event are 38000 ETH. This project is based in Singapore and the CEO of this project is Ras Vasilisin, whose profile you can find here And for those of you who are interested in contributing, you can visit the official website of the Virtuse Token Sale platform, which is

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