WePower – Decentralized Marketplace for Green Energy

Decentralized Marketplace for Green Energy.

Advances in technology, causing everyone to race to create a marketplace for the purpose of meeting the needs of the community or public. Currently there is no Energy-Friendly Electricity Sales and Purchase Platform which is an alternative to the community. The state government, managed to monopolize the business of electrical resources under the name of government. In fact, one can make the power source by utilizing natural energy, so the price for its operation is guaranteed cheaper than buying power resources provided by the government.

Introducing WePower

WePower is a buying and selling platform for environmentally friendly energy resources where everyone can buy, sell and invest using tokens. Lots of natural resources can be utilized to generate energy, such as water, wind and solar power. By utilizing natural energy, WePower will produce a power source with cheaper and environmentally-friendly operating costs. For those of you who want to try the WePower platform demo, please visit the official website of WePower at http://platform.wepower.network/.
The use of tokens on the WePower platform is to provide special access to investors or buyers and sellers in enjoying the auction services available on the WePower platform. So someone who has an official token from WePower will be prioritized first in an eco-friendly power source auction event. The energy that a participant will get will be based on the amount of WePower Token he has. Then when the participant has a source of energy, the person can sell the generated electricity to the community or may be used alone.
The WePower project has the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, as it has the potential to change the social life of the community, where people will become more creative and learn to invest. Then WePower also responded positively to a statement from the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania by making a statement that teams and developers will provide training on this technology if a country wishes to implement this system in its country. As we know, there are still remote places in the world that do not have access to electricity, so their social life is very backward and isolated. Perhaps with the presence of WePower, the solution to the problem will be solved.


The main problem of society in investing is its lack of capital to become an investor. With WePower, one can invest and own shares in the power sector of electrical energy. Later, the profits from the sale of electrical energy will be distributed to shareholders.
In addition, by implementing blockchain technology, all transactions including investments will become more transparent. Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which contains data data that can not be changed by anyone and the data will persist in blockchain forever. With this transparency, small and large investors, will be able to easily monitor their assets directly.

WePower development is divided into three distinct phases:

  • WePower Breeze: Complete the challenge and research on how far the investment system to date.
  • WePower Storm: Combine and manage energy through Smart Contract
  • WePower Hurricane: A new decentralized energe utility.

Use of Blockchain on the WePower platform

With the blockchain, a system running on the WePower platform will be fully decentralized. The public can directly monitor the system as well as fair data on the distributed ledger. Some of the advantages of using blockchain technology are as follows:
  • Innovative community interactions across apps
  • Provide third party liquidity through decentralized exchange and protocol
  • Increased efficiency due to the removal of intelligent brokering agents
  • Improved security due to data conservation
  • Maintenance is cheap vs centralized database
  • Transaction history and transaction prediction
  • Tolerance error for DApps due to the decentralized nature of blockchain

WePower Token & ICO

WePower has WPR Token, which is the official token of the WePower platform that you can buy directly from developers through the ICO event. WePower ICO is an invitation to the public or community of cryptocurrency who wants to invest in environmentally friendly electrical energy sector. By purchasing your WPR Token you get a special priority in auctioning an investment asset available on the WePower platform.
Some information you need to remember about WePower ICO is:
  • Token Symbol: WPR
  • WPR Token ICO Price: 1 ETH = 4000 – 4600 WPR
  • WPR Token ICO Start: February 1, 2018
  • WPR Token ICO End: February 14, 2018
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accept: ETH
  • Minimum contribution: ~ 200 USD
  • Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
  • KYC: Yes
  • Whitelist: Yes (Visit https://www.wepower.network for Whitelist)
  • ICOBENCH Rating: 4.2 / 5 (Source: https://icobench.com/ico/wepower)


A business system brought by WePower is a fair system. Where buyers, sellers and investors are connected in a blockchain. Business system by knowing this kind of conterparty potentially will create harmony and faster ROI. Because the trust between the ecosystems involved will increase.

WePower ICO Teams

WePower Project Roadmap

WePower ICO Links

Disclaimer : Im not the part of the team or developer. If you have any question, feel free to ask it on telegram discussion or PM directly to developer.
Original created by : bayu7adi
ETH Address : 0x77259B80B0b7EcBfb7bAaA675b9026fD3765F789

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