Why Is My Instagram Feed Only Showing Reels

By | July 2, 2022

Iconewsmedia.comWhy is my instagram feed only showing reels is now a search for many people because the Instagram application has a problem.

Hello Iconews friends, see you again with the admin who will provide interesting information that is a shame to miss. On this occasion the admin will discuss why is my instagram feed black.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications today. Having interesting features and easy use of course really makes users feel at home.

One of the features on Instagram is Reels, where users can upload short videos like TikTok videos. But unfortunately, lately the Instagram application has had problems, ranging from black backgrounds to pages that only display reels.

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Why Is My Instagram Feed Only Showing Reels

Lately, the question that has become the topic of the admin is currently being sought by many people because the Instagram application they use is problematic.

From the information obtained, this is due to improvements from Instagram itself to produce interesting features.

Then why does Instagram only show scrolls? this is because you have clicked on the reels option in the menu bar. Another reason could be that followers may not upload images often, so you can only see the reels.

Instagram has experienced an update that causes various internal disturbances, one of which is a black background.

Although there is no more specific reason, there are several reasons why this can happen. So, here are 3 reasons that the admin has quoted from various sources that make why is my instagram feed only showing reels.

  1. You have to click on reels in the menu bar on Instagram.
  2. Users don’t post many photos.
  3. Instagram algorithm changes.

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How to Fix Instagram Feed Only Showing Reels?

Then how to fix the above problem? Well below, the admin has summarized various ways to improve this. For that, watch to the end.

  1. You can try by restarting HP first.
  2. By checking the Internet connection.
  3. By deleting the app and reinstalling.

So, those are some explanations about why is my instagram feed only showing reels and how to fix it. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you.

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