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By | October 25, 2018
WPP Energy is a project with the support of large companies that aim to meet the energy needs of all people in all corners of the world who still pay attention to efficiency and global warming.

All people who live on this earth definitely need energy to turn on their computers, to charge the cellphone, to watch television, to turn on the lights and for all business interests it needs energy. Unfortunately today, energy suppliers are held and controlled in full by the government, so that the public only gets electricity from the government which is not necessarily efficient in producing products. We need energy suppliers who have the best mobility and pollution efficiency to keep our earth fertile.

WPP Energy: The Best Future Efficient Energy Needs Solution

WPP Energy is a project with the support of large companies that aim to meet the energy needs of all people in all corners of the world who still pay attention to efficiency and global warming. There are a lot of governments that support the WPP Energy project, so many countries are certain to be interested and contract with the WPP Energy platform, one of which is the GDTC that wants its country, Morocco to be able to enjoy environmentally friendly energy efficient. GDTC will invest 1 billion Euros in which 80% of shares will be owned by WPP Energy and 20% of the shares will be owned by GDTC. One of the most effective product targets to be able to deal with the problem in Morocco is WPP Waste Truck, where as many as 1320 trucks will be prepared to operate in recycling a tremendous amount of garbage to become energy.
WPP Energy also adopted a cryptocurrency that can be used by everyone as a means of payment for services provided by the WPP Energy platform. With cryptocurrency, everyone will find it easier to make transactions, so that they don’t need to be bothered by buying services from WPP Energy. Cryptocurrency has been booming in 2017, at that time BTC prices rose sharply to 300%, that means everyone started investing in cryptocurrency and began to open up with digital technology that continues to grow. By implementing cryptocurrency, I’m sure WPP Energy will be ready to face the future developments.

Chairman & President: Rafael Ben

Rafael Ben is the Chairman & President in this WPP Energy project. The extraordinary experience that Rafael Ben has is very influential on the future of this project. Ben himself has been experienced since 1972, when Ben predicted that Methanol would become energy in the 21st century, and it really happened. Today we use Methanol as our vehicle fuel. In 1997, Ben succeeded in creating an energy generating machine of 24 MW that could be used to meet the energy needs of a village in Chandpur, near New Delhi. Since 2000, Mr. Ben always provides energy-related solutions, including being a speaker at an event, doing research, solving problems, cooperating in investing with other companies, and Mr.Ben also socializing the power of blockchain technology in 2016.
This experience is of course very useful for the development of WPP Energy projects in the future. Now the leader and public figure are already there, that means the next job is to execute the project that is being worked on so that it can be realized.

Products from WPP Energy

WPP Energy divides its products into two groups, namely ditigal products and real products which are solutions to existing problems. For products that are used as real innovation solutions are WPP Energy Mobile Power Station, HHO Clean Energy Conversion of Polluting Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Gasoline Power Plant and finally HHO Home Units.
  • Global Green Energy Platform: to capture energy productivity around the world included in Green Energy. That way, energy suppliers can offer cheaper energy than traditional energy to consumers.
  • WPP Exchange Platform: a marketplace for the needs of cryptocurrency exchange with Energy. Everyone will be able to exchange cryptocurrency with other cryptocurrency, even be able to exchange with Energy.
  • WPP Energy Mobile Power Station: an energy-producing machine that only needs water and can be distributed to various parts of the world. This machine will be able to produce 1 MW to 2.5 MW within 1 hour.
  • HHO Clean Energy Conversion: is a machine from WPP that functions to transform pollution into energy at a low cost.
  • HHO Home Units: this is the product that I am waiting for, where with HHO Home Units we can use energy for the needs of our homes in a short period of time without having to think about bills from the company.

WPP Energy ICO

The ICO is a coin sales event that gives the crypto community the opportunity to invest in projects related to selling new utility tokens. WPP Energy sells WPP Tokens for WPP Energy project funding needs and also for project development for the future. WPP Energy’s office is in Switzerland. Please note that WPP Token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum network. In the WPP token sales event, you can contribute using ETH, BTC, LTC, CC and Fiat. The base price of WPP Token is 0.35 USD not including bonus based on time. The total token for sale is 225,000,000 WPP Tokens. Softcap is 5,000,000 WPP Tokens and has sold around 200,000,000 WPP Tokens until October 25, 2018. For those of you who are interested in contributing, you can visit the official website of WPP Energy, https://wppenergy.io/

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