Zapit – Valid Review of Blockchain-based for Amazon Products

Valid review of blockchain-based products.

Since the internet has become a public need, a lot of online shops have sprung up. Like Amazon, which is the world’s largest marketplace with sellers and buyers from various countries. Amazon’s name is tarnished because of many products with a fake review. In fact, consumers need a product review is really accurate and valid, so it can be considered a consumer to be able to buy the product. The public needs a Valid-based Blockchain Product Review that can provide a review service with valid data.
Fake reviews like this are actually damaging consumer confidence, because the seller could just use a fake review to be misused. Therefore, a public consumer wants a valid review that can be accounted for by someone.

Introducing: Zapit

Zapit is the only platform that provides incentives to contributors who provide quality reviews of a product. Zapit implements blockchain technology so that all data stored on the blockchain will be completely transparent. Zapit will be a contemporary solution for consumers who feel a crisis of confidence, because not a few people use the internet to cheat. One of the causes of fraud, could have used the fake review. By the way the seller uses fake reviews as if his online store is trusted, making it easy to get consumers. Then when the consumer believes with the review listed on the product, the consumer will spontaneously buy goods on the online store. And fraud is inevitable.
Thanks to the blockchain, which can be exploited by the Zapit platform to validate and publish data stored on blockchain. Blockchain is likened to a distributed ledger where everyone can access it through hash tx. Tx hash is a code that automatically generated by blockchain, when a transaction occurs. It is this that makes blockchain technology very transparent and makes the confidence between ecosystems increasing.

Important Components in the Zapit Platform

Zapit Website

Zapit Website is the place to access all reviews approved by moderators. On Zapit Website, everyone can directly monitor reviews of some products that buyers may buy. For a seller, this portal can be likened to a means of advertising their products

Zapit Browser Plug-in

Zapit Browser Plug-ins can make it easier for consumers to monitor existing products in Amazon. In addition, consumers can also submit their review of a product through this Plug-in. And when a review of a consumer is approve by a moderator, the consumer is entitled to Zapit Coin as an incentive.


Zapit provides incentives for those who submit reviews for public access. Only a few contributors will be the moderator’s consideration to be accepted, ie
  • Amazon Sellers, Affiliate or Brands
  • Consumers, Reviewers, Product Evaluators
  • Review / Content Moderators
In addition, there are many parameters used by the moderator which every review submitted by the user will be useful for prospective buyers.


Sellers discussing on the Zapit platform are sellers from Amazon as well. Zapit only helps solve the problems that are now happening in the Amazon, namely the lack of control of the fake review. The role of Zapit is to be a fact-based provider of review providers, so Amazon sellers who enroll in Zapit, will have an additional advantage by inserting their affiliate links. Sellers in Amazon must use Zapit Token to enroll on the Zapit platform.

Zapit ITO

ITO (Initial Token Offering) is the newest decentralized crowdfunding method to accumulate start up capital. By selling tokens that have utilities with services provided by related platforms, then tokens from ITO will still have functionality and usability.
  • Some information about Zapit ITO is as follows:
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 Zapit Tokens
  • Private Sell: 10,000,000 Zapit Tokens
  • Public Sell: 40,000,000 Zapit Tokens
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 Zapit Tokens
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH


Zapit a solution for consumers who feel have been fooled by fake reviews conducted by a group of elements. With the Zapit Platforom, of course a seller and buyer will feel a valid justice. The buyer will be more confident of a sportsman’s seller, while the seller will be more enthusiastic because the fake review has been eliminated so that the marketing competition will remain sportive.

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Zapit ITO Teams

Zapit Roadmap

Zapit ITO Links

Disclaimer : Im not the part of the teams or developers, if you have any questions feel free to ask it on telegram discussions.
Created by : bayu7adi
My ETH Address : 0x77259B80B0b7EcBfb7bAaA675b9026fD3765F789

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