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By | June 16, 2018

Bidium is like a marketplace where someone in need of freelancers can bid against existing offers
The existence of the internet makes everyone easy in doing a job remotely. Suppose, a small job that requires the skills of people out there and with a fee that is easy to do. Freelance activities are gaining popularity among people because with only a simple and flexible job, a person can get paid for the job. And usually, freelance is only used as a side job to earn additional income. While the existence of blockchain and cryptocurreny is growing, which causes a lot of innovations emerging from the developer.

Bidium: Freelance System Revolution

Bidium is like a marketplace where someone in need of freelancers can bid against existing offers. Bidium uses blockchain technology as the backbone of the platform, which causes all transactions and data stored on the platform to be stored transparently and tracked publicly. Bidium makes it easy for companies that need freelance workers, by way of meeting them through a marketplace at competitive prices. In addition, Bidium also provides solutions for business people who have been very difficult to get a solution because of lack of energy from the support team.
Bidium distributes 50% of total profits to be allocated to investors or holders of BIDM tokens. The advantage of the Bidium platform is that users can use major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo and others to be announced next time. All transactions through the Bidium platform will not cost a lot, even someone who uses BIDM Token as a transaction tool, they will get Zero transaction fee. When compared to some traditional platforms, of course the Bidium platform is the most superior. With this advantage, of course, the Bidium platform becomes more potential in winning the competition with competitors.
The Bidium platform is decentralized, where all transaction data will be tracked transparently by the public. Decentralization causes all transactions to occur in a peer to peer manner, which means that no third party interferes in any transaction. As we all know, third parties always take advantage of doing business, where they charge a fee, to the mutually transacting parties. That way, the parties who transact must spend more money just to pay third parties.
Although transactions occur directly, but everything that happens is very safe, even very able to trust one person with others without having to see their background. Blockchain eliminates the presence of third parties in every transaction that makes it easy for companies to find freelance workers.
Support from Secure Wallet, allows us all to send funds for transaction purposes safely. Secure Wallet can be accessed using mobile devices such as smartphones, and it certainly makes it easy for us all to be able to transact anytime anywhere. Safe payment, the best marketplace, with the best auction price, is a synergy whereby companies will get all the convenience and convenience in solving their problems with freelancers around the world. And most importantly, users will not be charged any fees when transacting through blockchain from Bidium.

Initial Coins Offering

Currently popular, fundraising techniques are by selling new tokens, commonly referred to as ICO. Bidium, held ICO to provide opportunities for crypto investors who wish to contribute or support the development of the Bidium platform by selling public utility tokens. Token sold by Bidium will be used by its users as an internal transaction tool on the Bidium platform.
But remember, residents of US and China, are strictly forbidden to contribute to ICO held by Bidium because of state regulations. However, everyone in this world can have a BIDM Token when it is listed on the exchange.
How to contribute is also easy, you just need to register on website, then you do BTC or ETH deposit in your account, then you click “Buy Token”. And done, now you have become an investor and supporter of the Bidium project. The minimum purchase of a BIDM token is the equivalent of 50 USD.

Token Information

Token Symbol : BIDM
Platform : Ethereum
Softcap : 3,000,000 USD (already reached)
Hardcap : 10,000,000 USD
Unsold Token : Will be burned
ICO Start Date : 25 May 2018
ICO End Date : 23 June 2018
Token price : 0.02 USD
Contribution page :
For those of you who want to contribute to ICO BIDIUM, I recommend keeping your private key from thieves, and never giving private key to everyone.

Road Map

Q4 2017, November
Research on Market Opportunities – Global Analysis
Q4 2017, December
Initial Research Completed and Concept Finalized 
Q1 2018, January
Designing of User Interface for ‘Bidding Marketplace’ and ‘Freelance’ platform
Q1 2018, March
Whitepaper Public Announcement and Pre-sale Kick of
Q2 2018, April
MVP Launched
Q2 2018, May
Launching Alpha Version of Exchange
Q2 2018, May
ICO will start
Q3 2018
Launching Beta Version of Exchange and Begin Listing BIDM on Major Exchanges
Q3 2018
Exchange App Launching
Q3 2018
Launching of Freelance Platform
Q4 2018
Freelance App Launching
Q4 2018
E-Bid Marketplace Launch
Q4 2018
E-Bid Market App Launch

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